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TISIS THE COOLER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR Top-end CPU tower coolers are all about performance. They are at the pinacle of their game able to exceed even high-end AIO liquid cooling solutions for a fraction of their price. Suffice to say, tower coolers are here to stay. Now enter the RAIJINTEK TISIS – one fine example of a high end CPU tower cooling solution. It is huge, heavy, shiny, and is designed from the land of precision engineering – which is Germany if you dunno what I mean. The RAIJINTEK TISIS is a 100% Nickel plated twin tower cooler with gargantuan dimensions, accounting for a larger...

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CRYORIG C1 Top Flow CPU Cooler Review

When form meets function No need for a fancy introduction folks, as what we got here is another cooler from CRYORIG! This time, we’re going to check out the CRYORIG C1 Top Flow CPU Cooler directly from the shelves of PCHub. This cooler is directly aimed at the slim form factor loving enthusiasts, with a height of 74mm, and dense array of heat fins connected by 6 heat-pipes for maximum cooling satisfaction. The CRYORIG C1’s features are as unique as its looks. First off, it houses CRYORIG’s patented DirectCompress Soldering Technology. Basically, that means each of the 6 heat-pipes has...

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Thermaltake and 3D Hubs Announce 3D Printing Partnership

You can now 3D Print Thermaltake Compatible Mods Taipei, Taiwan-November 24th 2016-Thermaltake, an industrial pioneer in 3D printed PC components and 3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of 3D printing services, officially announced the comprehensive cooperation to facilitate PC DIY enthusiasts and PC modders to access 3D printing technology internationally. Thermaltake, based in Taipei, Taiwan, has offered its support to the “Maker Movement” since 2015. is the first 3D printed PC platform that released in February 2016. Though cooperating with 3D Hubs, founded in Amsterdam in 2013, Thermaltake will be able to overcome the geographic limitation and offers...

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CRYORIG H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review

Liquid coolers seems to dominate the market nowadays with their simplified application and performance. Truth be told, most of my friends who’ve transitioned to liquid cooling solutions never intended to go back to our roots, but this is not the case this side of 2016, as CPU tower coolers are now returning with a vengeance. Enter the CRYORIG H5 Ultimate, a medium sized CPU tower cooler with aesthetics made to inspire awe and performance at a relatively good price point of 2, 500 PHP. That’s half a buck, and is within the range of the current budget oriented 120mm...

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OMEGA NOVA & HALO 120mm Fan Series Overview

Budget Oriented 120mm RGB fans from PCHUB! A couple of weeks ago, we got a heads up from PCHub (everyone’s favorite PC retail store) that they are bringing in a new challenger in town. This of course is the OMEGA Gaming brand that PCHub introduced this side of 2016. Initially, the company is pushing for their tempered glass cases dubbed as the Omega X6 Series – tempting cases around 100 bucks by the way. But today, they have finally added a family of 120mm case fans with multitude of lighting options into the portfolio. There are Two main model names to...

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