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WD My Passport Wireless Review

Western Digital’s My Passport Goes Wireless INTRODUCTION: Mobile and wireless connectivity are undoubtedly the stars of 2014 where almost every piece of technological releases from well known companies actually has something to do with them. For an instance, power banks simply exploded out of nowhere, and by the time it has reached  critical popularity level, we already saw a mouse with a power bank on it. Same thing goes for wireless storage devices. Now wireless storage for mobile devices has been out for years, and most of the big companies had their own flagships. Western Digital initially went household with their...

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Western Digital My Net N900 Central Router Review

INTRODUCTION: We all know that Western Digital manufactures storage devices for quite sometime now, catering storage solutions for almost everyone living on this damn planet. Just last year, they have shocked the world – the networking and storage world – with the announcement of a new line of products: routers. Yes, routers! Western Digital entered the networking side of this industry aiming to enrich the world with storage and networking solution built into one, and My Net is the name of the game. Now what we actually have here amigos, is the Western Digital My Net N900 Central. One...

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