Pearl Abyss announced that the new class Buccaneer has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now experience bone-chilling, bombastic combat with the new class in her camaraderie with the loyal Slippery Scallywags.

Buccaneer, the captain of the Slippery Scallywags, is the Awakened class of Corsair. All enemies who dare challenge her will also need to come face-to-face with her trusty companions. They are always in range to support Buccaneer during combat by launching a giant anchor or shooting cannons over a wide area of the battlefield.

She uses the Patraca as her main weapon to both slash down enemies and shoot harpoons at enemies from afar. She can also create mist to conceal herself from enemies and perform surprise attack maneuvers.

With her unique combat style, she conquers the battlefield with skills such as “Waterworks,” where she launches an exploding orb to a wide range of foes. She can also use skills in tandem with the Slippery Scallywags, such as “Cap’n’s Orders: Fire Away!” in which they drop an enormous anchor on the battlefield at Buccaneer’s command.

To celebrate the launch of Buccaneer, the “Scallywags’ Daily Missions” event will take place until September 19. Adventurers can complete up to 5 missions daily to obtain rewards and reach milestones for bonus rewards, such as a Chaos Jewel Chest, Black Pearls, and Ah’krads.

Moreover, Adventurers can complete login missions until September 12 to obtain Slippery Scallywags’ Loot. This loot can be opened to acquire various items, including Adventurer’s Ancient Inscribed Glyph, Alyaelli Fragments, and an Adventurer’s Alchemy Stone Growth Support Chest.

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