Is this the DiRT game we have been waiting for since the original Colin Mcrae: DiRT & DiRT 2? Perhaps it is, as the guys at Codemasters are confident enough to wager DiRT: Rally as the game that its fans are begging them to produce.

Initially launched as an Early Access game on Steam, DiRT: Rally currently offers 14 rally cars, and a number of courses, and is set to be continuously developed with the help of the community. Codemasters also removed Gymkhana mode, in an effort to win the fans back and I think they did with all the launch hype by setting the bar purely for Rally Racing aficionados.

Dirt Rally Steam Early Access (2)

Early Access means that the game is at Alpha or Pre-Alpha stage, so it should take a while for Codemasters to fully release it. In the meantime,  you could grab it now and help the devs to develop the game via feedbacks.

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