Colorful is proud to announce the launch of its latest motherboard featuring the Intel Z390 chipset. The new COLORFUL iGame Z390 Vulcan X joins the family of high-performance, gamer-inspired products of the COLORFUL iGame family.

The new motherboard will support the latest Intel 9th-gen processors as well as 8th-gen processors in LGA1151 package. Designed to bring the best platform for gamers, the new COLORFUL iGame Z390 Vulcan X is geared with the most innovative technology from COLORFUL to improve both performance and stability to give gamers the best gaming experience.

iGame Z390 Vulcan X PR (1)

Supports 9th-gen Intel Core Processors including 8-core Core i9

Intel’s newest 9th-gen offers up to 8-cores with the brand new Core i9 series which aims to deliver the best performance for gamers, content creators, power users and professionals. The iGame Z390 VulcanX is equipped with a 14-phase digital power design to deliver stable power to the processor and allow overclockers to unleash the full potential of the new 9th-gen Intel Core processors. COLORFUL has engineered the VRM for the best stability equipped with high-quality components including full tantalum capacitors.

COLORFUL uses a new “shark bionics” design on its VRM heatsink to provide improved cooling as well as daring looks. The fins and grooves on the heatsink are designed to achieve better heat dissipation by allowing air to flow through over the surface of the material in accordance to fluid dynamic principle. This performance-enhancing benefit goes hand-in-hand with the new RGB lighting to provide a striking new appearance to the iGame Z390 Vulcan X motherboard.

Designed for Peak Performance

Complimenting the high-performance processors, the COLORFUL iGame Z390 Vulcan X also supports high-speed memory. Gold-plated connectors ensure that the motherboard have the best contact with the memory ensuring high-quality communications between components for a worry-free experience. High-speed storage is also supported to further reinforce the power of your system with 2x M.2 SSD slots supporting x4 PCIe speeds as well as very fast Intel Optane memory.

Ready for Multi-GPU Gaming

The COLORFUL iGame Z390 Vulcan X supports both NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFire X multi-GPU technology. With today’s high-resolution, high refresh rate requirements from gamers, both NVIDIA and AMD offer multi-GPU solutions to further scale your performance to the next level. The iGame Z390 Vulcan X can provide you the foundation of building a gaming system which can run high-refresh rates or high-resolutions with a multi-GPU configuration.

Bred for eSports

COLORFUL has been long working with the eSports and competitive gaming community to deliver the finest quality products and experience they can offer. The iGame Z390 Vulcan X features high-speed connectivity as well as improved audio and RGB lighting to create the perfect gaming ecosystem for competitive gamers and aspiring eSports athletes.

GamerVoice 3.0 leverages the Realtek ALC1220 to deliver clear audio reproduction for a realistic listening experience. Gold-plated, non-magnetic audio jacks improve signal quality and reduce signal loss during transmission and COLORFUL has designed the audio solution on this motherboard to deliver 120dB SNR and drive up to 600ohm impedance headphones.

Highly reliable Intel i219 ethernet connects the motherboard and offers a robust and stable LAN connection promising lag-free and smooth connectivity during intense gaming.

Show off your gamer style with iGameZone II RGB lighting. Synchronize your COLORFUL motherboard, graphics card as well as accessory lighting for the perfect ambient lighting and bring your gaming system to life. Onboard 5050 RGB connectors allow you to connect multiple device for a fully synchronized RGB-lit build.

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