COLORFUL Going Bigger with eSports for CGU 2018

Colorful Technology Company Limited, has shared their insights into their growth thanks to eSports via their eSports executive head. With a steady growth in eSports, COLORFUL foresees its COLORFUL Games Union gaming event to be a central element to its goals of solidifying their brands, both in eSports and in the DIY industry.

COLORFUL intends to develop CGU into a global event to further highlight the company’s position as a dedicated gaming company that delivers products and experiences targeted for gamers.


With nearly 22 years in the industry, COLORFUL has grown vastly throughout the years and has been very sensitive in analyzing budding market trends to assist in its product development. With the surge in World of Warcraft, COLORFUL realized it needed create an experience for players for this game. A small-scale event was formed which saw great feedback from the Chinese gaming community.

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With the global phenomenon known as eSports becoming more and more ingrained in Chinese culture, COLORFUL decided to unite the figures that make eSports exciting: the teams, casters, celebrities, products and other IPs form together to bring COLORFUL Games Union which debuted in 2013. This event saw the birth of the now famous professional team Snake and COLORFUL intends to become key a partner in seeking and establishing budding teams and talents and bring them into the global spotlight.


With the first CGU attracting 128 finalists from 68 colleges in China, COLORFUL saw it necessary to elevate the event into something bigger. CGU 2015 saw the realization of this transition into a grand stage wherein gaming celebrities, casters and fans converged in a single event to deliver a great eSports experience. The passion brought by the crowd and the players was enough to push COLORFUL into becoming bigger and bigger with CGU 2017 seeing more teams from other nations compete in this glorious event.

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CGU 2017 was a key year for COLORFUL which yielded into COLORFUL breaking past their domestic border, allowing more international players to compete and celebrating with the global gaming audience the thrill of eSports. This new milestone for CGU opens up a whole new window to the world where gamers everywhere can experience intense and electric competition like no other.

The fans have been a key driving factor for COLORFUL in pursuing and pushing CGU further. Thanks to their interaction with fans, COLORFUL has been able to identify with fans of all genres unitied by their love for gaming and embdedding the COLORFUL brand as THE BRAND for gamers.

Lastly, COLORFUL knows that it’s a competitive market in the DIY PC space and there’s little room to innovate to outperform competitors. COLORFUL has been pushing innovation as far as it can becoming the benchmark for graphics card thanks to its unparalleled connection with fans combined with their expertise.


Closing the discussion with COLORFUL eSports Executive William, he states that the company will continue to focus on recognizing emerging trends in both e-commerce and eSports, noting that China offers a great playground for ideas to create new and innovative things. With CGU 2018 already in their horizon, Mr. William announces that they’ll be working to get more games into their event including smash hit PUBG to add to their list of competitions in this year’s upcoming CGU.


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