On the rapid growth of COLORFUL in the SSD market

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and performance storage solutions, is proud to share their resolve in the fast-growing SSD market as highlighted during an interview with COLORFUL’s Storage Dept. Manager, Mr. Jerry Tsao. COLORFUL has only been in the SSD business for a short 2 years but has rose to a great market position thanks to COLORFUL’s dedication in delivering competitive, high-quality products that address that needs of a new generation of customers.

COLORFUL’s Jerry Tsao is enthusiastic about the company’s current direction in terms of overall strategy for its products, securing top position in the Chinese market for a number of years now. In relation to storage, Tsao states that as NAND flash market evolve and SSD technologies mature, more people will naturally transition to SSD and that has been the key to COLORFUL’s top 3 position in the market for their storage products.

Asked about difficulties faced with such rapid expansion, the storage division head addressed the challenges of rapidly shifting prices for NAND flash as a constant challenge for them as a new contender to the SSD market. Unlike graphics cards and motherboards, SSDs unpredictable cost of production requires COLORFUL to be more agile and on their toes with regards to managing inventory and logistics. Mr. Tsao is delighted to say that after a year though, COLORFUL has found adapted a smooth workflow for their SSD production which guarantees COLORFUL’s success in the market in the coming years.

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Jerry Tsao states that it is no easy feat to achieve what COLORFUL has reached in the Chinese market when questioned regarding how the company reached its top 3 status in such a short period of time. The division executive thanked COLORFUL’s already recognizable brand in the market as being a big advantage but also maintains that it’s through their key partners and channels as well as their good relationships with said partners that they have been able to push COLORFUL storage products rapidly to the market. Thanks to the quality of their products, the market has received them greatly. Internally, COLORFUL’s R&D, sales, marketing, customer service and logistics, amongst others, have also seen growth due as a result of the rapid expansion into other markets like storage.

Plans for international expansion sees COLORFUL increasing sales to 40% from overseas markets. Mr. Tsao mentions that they are strategically working to grow their international presence with distributors and channels in the Asian Pacific area, Eastern Europe and the Middle East with plans to enter Western Europe and America by next year. Jerry Tsao exclaims that by the end of 2018, COLORFUL will be a household name for SSDs globally.

Closing things off, COLORFUL’s Storage Dept. Manager states that he sees 3D NAND manufacturing process as the key to the growth of the SSD market. With a more mature process comes more affordable prices for SSDs and he hopes that China will soon be able to manufacture NAND allowing home-grown brands like COLORFUL to fully use domestic parts to further carve a space for them in the international market. View More News at CyberMedia Press Center: https://www.cybermedia.com.tw/news


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