Colorful Technology Company Limited, announces it latest addition to the iGame family of graphics cards with the powerful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G graphics card that is sure to deliver everything gamers ever wanted. Featuring Colorful’s unique, in-house designed Silver Shark cooler, the Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced delivers unhindered performance so you enjoy the latest and greatest games in 4K Ultra HD or in virtual reality all while enjoying the cool and quiet cooling that only Colorful can bring.

The Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced features a factory overclocked core frequency of up to 1890Mhz on its 2560 CUDA cores. The 8GB GDD5X memory has a bandwidth of 10Gbps and is wired to a 256-bit bus. The card fully supports DX12 and draws power from two 8-pin power connectors. iGame signature features highlight this release with an 8+2 phase digital power supply via iGame Pure Power (IPP). Improved build quality with Colorful’s Silver Plating Technology ensure high-level of performance even with extreme loads.

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X TOP PR 3

Colorful arms this card with Boost Ready one-key overclocking for improved levels of performance when required and the new intelligent star-stop fans keep the card cool under load with the fans staying idle under 62*C.

The new Silver Shark cooler is equipped with 80mm and 90mm fans with a central i-Ring design to keep the Colorful iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced cool. The card is able to keep itself cooler than the competition thanks to Colorful’s unique 5-heat pipe nickel plating design that help direct heat faster away from your GPU. The card is designed to stay idle until 62*C, lengthening your card’s cooling fan service and help keep the system quiet.

Colorful iGameGTX1080 X TOP PR 1

Colorful equips the iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced with a backplate to add style as well as improved card integrity. The uniquely designed spacing allows the card’s backplate to evenly draw and distribute heat away from vital area while adding minimal weight to the card.

The iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced’s lighting option is fully configurable with various effects to add to the visual flavor of the card, making sure you are as aggressive as your system when gaming. Enjoy the best with Colorful’s iGameGTX1080 X-TOP-8G Advanced graphics card.

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