Poker online is a massive game that is popular not only in the countries where it is legal but also across the globe. However, millions of players are still thinking of trying their first hand. To all those who are about to an amateur player, this guide is exactly what you need. We will cover common FAQs in our guide to introduce the poker games to beginners.

We will cover the following sections in the guide:

  • What makes poker online different from live poker?
  • What is the earning source of the poker room?
  • Is playing poker legal?
  • How to begin playing?
  • Learn about poker bonus and bankroll management

Let’s begin with the first part.

Part 1- how poker online differs from live poker?

Many players may be unfamiliar to online poker but everyone knows about poker. Also, those having a basic understanding of poker will feel the online version quite similar. However, there are few exceptions which are as follows:

  • Speed- the speed makes live poker a bit unfriendly in comparison to online poker. In a casino, a dealer can hardly make 30 hands/hour whereas this is double in online poker tables. Moreover, more players can enjoy the game at the same time without waiting.
  • Pools- a casino has boundaries and less space in comparison to online rooms for playing poker. It means hundreds of players can participate without struggling for getting space.
  • Data- at casino players have no record-keeping software to track their hands or sessions which is possible in its counterpart, online poker sessions.
  • Regulation- casinos have to follow stringent regulations and checks to operate within a region whereas it is not mandatory in online poker rooms.

These points give you only a basic idea about the two is different from each other. However, poker players doubt about earning of poker rooms.

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Part 2- how do poker online rooms earn?

Live casino earns money from customers by betting against them whereas online rooms charge fees to players. However, they call it to take instead of charging fees. In cash games, rake depends on the total pot’s amount where the poker room automatically takes only a few percentages of it. Few players don’t know what they are.

On the other hand, the tournament fee in which you pay to participate in the game. But poker rooms don’t call it as rake despite having the same purpose. There is a criterion to decide fee as well which 10% to that of buy-in is. A tournament buy-in looks somewhat like $25+2. Here %25 is prize pool size whereas the fee to take part in the tournament is $2.

Moreover, few poker rooms earn from giving their software licenses to other rooms. Also, sharing the network is another source of revenue for them. But the primary source is rake as it drives more profit to their situs online poker.

However, many players still doubt whether it is right to play online or not. Therefore, they prefer to live casinos. Read the next section to clear your doubts on legality.

Part 3- poker online: legal or not?

Legality depends on the region you live in. Poker is a vast industry where every country has its own rules and protocols. Hence, it is tough to answer whether you can legally play poker in your region or not. Generally, some poker forms are legal in most of the European countries. On the other hand, a region like Asia has no such status until now. The largest market of poker is The United States with a confusing status.

Therefore, the only way to know is to check the legal status of your country. If you found your region to have legal status then continues reading to the next section of our guide.

Part 4- how to begin?

This is a very important section for players who have an interest in poker online games. However, the game becomes complex at some levels but it is relatively simple to play the game. The play begins with doing a little research about the best and reliable poker rooms. No need to do intense research by making notes of everything. Simply, look for these four key things.

  • Region Friendly-not all rooms accept players from different regions, therefore, check a room that allows you to play. Do a quick research on Google and look for a region friendly poker community.
  • Reputation- although this is challenging but knowing about the regulatory body will solve the issue. So, know about the authority and check the license of a poker online
  • First deposit- you should also check for the minimum deposit limit for the first time players on the website.
  • Traffic- this may not be useful for some players but it is good to check how active a poker online room is. software is available that will let you check the traffic of a poker room.

Now, when you have got a poker room that offers you good bonuses and interesting games, take the next step. Our next section is exactly what you need to know about the deposit.

Part 5- money deposit at poker rooms

Depositing real money can make you anxious especially when you gambling for the first time. After all, you cannot trust everyone in the gambling world. Therefore, you must do careful research. A friend consultation or expert’s suggestion can land you to popular and legitimate sites. Moreover, a few steps will protect you from fraud websites that take away your money.

Reputable payment options- a reputable site always prefer a secure option like Neteller, PayPal, and Moneybookers. Depositing your money using ewallet gives you peace of mind and keeps your info safe.

Separate account- the wise choice is to create a separate account that you will be using only for playing poker online. In case of fraudulence or cheating your primary funds will remain safe. In addition to this, you can easily track your bankroll which is otherwise is not possible.

Important fund- avoids making deposits in case you need those funds for other purposes. This is because in the case of restriction of the withdrawals you will not be able to use those funds.

Moreover, every poker online room has a policy for deposit and cash withdrawal. Read it first without skipping any point at your end. Most of the players make a quick deposit after seeing the bonuses which cause problems later. Don’t rush when playing poker online, it is a game of patience and skills.

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Part 6- is it easy to make money?

Of course, every player can make money but you have to commit a few things here. Here is a list of those things. However, the list is not complete but at least you will get some idea about it.

  • Hard work-there is no magic that makes you an elite player, only the hard work will let you improve the game.
  • Willingness- not all poker sites are the best place to play at high stakes. Therefore, sometimes it is good to play at the lower rake. They are also a good opportunity to make money and make your game better.
  • Exploit the bonuses- comparison of bonuses at a different site is essential and worth doing as you get more chances to exploit bonuses. Money is money and it doesn’t matter from where it comes, especially not for your bank account.
  • Smart tools-usually the players spend all their winnings in buying the software package or on training site. Don’t do this. Reserve your money only for the best tools that yield a positive return.
  • Immediate success- always remembers that immediate success at poker online is not a guarantee that you will continue to win. There will be ups and downs so don’t expect the same results every time. Moreover, there will be sessions that disappoint you but don’t breakdown.

The secret to more profit is the right management of bankroll. Whatever you do or how you play, everything will affect your bankroll. There is a sad truth in poker which is completely unavoidable and that is- finite bankroll. Therefore, our last section will tell you about the management of the bankroll.

Part 7- how to play with finite?

This short section is not sufficient to tell you everything but few guidelines will help you greatly. First, set a limit and play the whole game within the limit. Secondly, keep the bankroll 20-30 times that to the maximum buy-in for cash games. Third, for tournament games keep the bankroll 50 times to that of total buy-in.

However, the general rule is to have greater volatility, conservative management for relying on earnings and stronger bankroll.


That was all about the FAQs for poker online players. Since there is a lot to learn therefore we cannot say that our guide is the only thing you need. Read more books about poker and learn strategies. But above all, you need to find a legitimate situs online poker. So, spend more time searching for a good place where you can try poker strategies and earn hefty money.

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