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BATTLEMODS Modding Tour Asia Brings PUBG Modding Contest in Asia

Cooler Master, Nvidia GeForce Garage, MSI, APACER, Dremel and CableMod join forces to introduce the BATTLEMODS Asia Tour; the first ever PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Modding Contest that spans across Australia, Thailand, Philippines, India and Vietnam.  Each country will be represented by a duo of the best modders in their country and given the challenge of making the world’s first PUBG mods along with the brand they represent. The alliance is an initiative to help develop the interest and appreciation for building PCs for gamers, content creators and anyone that uses PCs in general. The teams in each country will showcase how...

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Thermaltake Releases the First RGB Radiator

Meet the Thermaltake Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator Thermaltake, today introduced the latest Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator for advanced watercooled gaming systems. This high-performance 360mm radiator is built for 120mm high-static pressure fans, and utilizes the cutting-edge thermal technique with a 16.8 million colors LED strip. The radiator is manufactured from premium-quality German zinc alloy aluminum and aerospace-grade materials that provide exceptional performance,unrivalled reliability. The exclusively designed LED strip comes with 12 addressable LEDs sets (two single LEDs per set) that are controlled by the Riing Plus RGB Software. Functions within the software also allow users to monitor fan performance and track CPU temperature. Most importantly, the integrated G1/4″ threads are optimized for easy installation, while...

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Thermaltake Releases the Pacific PR22-D5 Plus RGB Reservoir Pump

Thermaltake Releases the New Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Thermaltake is excited to introduce the lastest Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Reservoir/Pump Combo. This combo unit is a high-quality 300ml reservoir with an integrated D5 pump and asoftware-controlled 16.8 million colors LED cap. The Pacific PR22-D5 Plus Reservoir/Pump Combo is made of POM and PMMA materials, which can sustain the maximum pressure up to 99 PSI, and achieve maximum discharge up to 1135L/hr that offer exceptional performance, unrivalled reliability. Moreover, the LED cap is manufactured with 12 addressable LEDs that are controlled by Riing Plus RGB Software. Functions within the software also allow users to monitor fan performance and track CPU temperature. With multiple mounting options, this combo unit is the...

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CableMod’s AIO Sleeving Kit Lets You Sleeve Your Cooler With Ease

No need to void warranty with the ModWrap self-wrapping sleeves Today, CableMod is proud to announce the latest product to shake up the modding scene – CableMod AIO Sleeving Kits. Made from our revolutionary new ModWrap™ self-wrapping sleeving, this product is the easiest way to give your AIO water cooling setup a boost of style without voiding your warranty. CableMod AIO Sleeving Kits begin with our exclusive ModWrap sleeving. Made of a durable nylon material, this self-wrapping sleeving can be installed without disassembling your AIO cooler, and solves the problem of kinks and breaks that can arise from extreme bending of AIO tubing. Best...

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Raijintek Shows Off Latest Cases and Coolers at COMPUTEX

Raijintek struts their stuffs at COMPUTEX 2017 Raijintek goes inside and out at COMPUTEX 2017 with the announcement of their latest open air and enclosed cases. The Mini PAEAN for example, is based on the successful PAEAN full tower open air case. It features support for a single 240mm radiator, together with a full blown liquid cooling system. The new case features an aluminum body, with a tempered glass window to keep gawkers at bay. PSU and storage drives are separated to the rest of the components just like the original. As for the enclosed ones, we’ve got the stylish PAEAN...

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