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FSP Enters CPU Cooling Game With Windale Series

FSP is pleased to announce the new Windale series of supremely effective, ultra-quiet, heat pipe equipped fan-cooled PC heatsinks. The Windale 6 (AC601) and Windale 4 (AC401) bring a combination of extreme cooling performance with very low noise and vibration to a huge range of Intel and AMD CPUs – including the newest Core i7 and Ryzen processors. These new PC coolers are ideal for gamers, performance enthusiasts, and overclockers, as well as for general users who need quiet, reliable cooling and long CPU life. FSP patented technology Both the Windale 4 and Windale 6 feature CPU direct contact...

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Mix and Match Coolants With The TT Premium Concentrate Series

Thermaltake New TT Premium Concentrate Series and C1000 Pure Clear Coolant Thermaltake, a leading brand in PC cooling solutions, has launched Thermaltake TT Premium Concentrate Series (Blue/Red/Green/Acid Green/Orange/Yellow/Purple/Black) and the C1000 Pure Clear Coolant, giving users different ways to create a preferred coolant color without compromising on thermal performance. Specially designed to be used in all water cooling systems, the TT Premium Concentrate Series is a ready-to-mix, anti-corrosive and fully biodegradable concentrate with 8 colors that allows PC enthusiasts to customize the coolant color whilst protecting the cooling components and the environment. The TT Premium Concentrate Series is recommended for...

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AMD Ryzen Stock Coolers Leaked – Features LED Lighting leaks out what appears to be AMD’s Stock Cooler line-up for the Ryzen CPUs. Raja Koduri himself teased a photo of a Ryzen based system with it on twitter – backing up the leaked image of the stock cooler line-up. The CPU cooler pictured has a pinkish glow to it, similar to ring based LED fans we’ve checked a couple of months ago. It is still a mystery if the cooler could actually feature RGB illumination, but it is safe to assume that they will feature a single LED color configuration. After all, it is a stock cooler...

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EVGA Enters The Liquid Cooling Market With The CLC120 and CLC280 Coolers

The EVGA CLC120 and CLC280 Are Priced at 90 and 130 USD EVGA announces a new addition to their cooling line-up, the CLC120 and the CLC280 liquid cooling solutions. These coolers features RGB customization, support for the latest and upcoming sockets (AM4), and comes with a curved housing design 120mm fans. Both the 120mm and 280mm models comes with an RGB capable pump housing, featuring a USB port for connectivity that could be used to control the pump’s RPM or the lighting effects via the EVGA Flow Control Software. Both models comes with an astounding 5 year warranty. Typical...

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The RAIJINTEK EREBOSS Gets Tested With the TISIS already tested and analyzed, the RAIJINTEK EREBOSS follows up our look at the company’s top tower coolers. This might not be a dual tower but by specifications, it is still a top-end CPU cooler with a huge dissipation area and a good thermal resistance value to boot. Specifications aside, this CPU cooler is by no means your standard cooling solution. It’s a huge block of aluminum with unique features, and a slim fan to go with it. This cooler has been around since 2013 by the way and with that said, this...

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