CRYORIG, one of the latest player in the components segment, recently announced a wave of cooling and power supply products at COMPUTEX 2015. The A Series Hybrid Liquid Cooling for example, is the company’s next attemp at sculpting their CPU cooling series by providing an actively cooled CPU area, via a 70mm fan mounted on the pump of an AIO cooler.

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The 70mm fan, which is able to rotate at 3000 RPM,  is designed to aid cooling, where a traditional AIO cooler could only wish to provide. This ensures that the RAM, VRM, and even the GPU is being cooled actively by the A Series Cooler’s Airflow Circulator.

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The image below is an actual thermal reading of a standard CLC vs the A Series, which is a cool representation on how the thing works.

CRYORIG Computex 2015 (8)

At 46mm tall, the CRYORIG C7 is a slim, and compact CPU cooler for small system builds, perfect for ITX based systems where a slim footprint is a must.

CRYORIG Computex 2015 (6)

CRYORIG Computex 2015 (5)

If CRYORIG’s pricier options stalls you, then there’s the M9 to keep you wallet happy, (I guess) as it is describe as a “Small but Powerful Single Tower for The Masses” cooling unit. MSRP is still  not available but we’re guessing it’s going to be for the masses of course.

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Now as IoT or Internet of Things connectivity is rising, CRYORIG pushes the boundaries with their Pi Series power supply units. It is IoT enabled, meaning that you could practically control it via WiFi connectivity, waking up or shutting down the system via the Pi App developed  by CRYORIG, as well as enabling energy monitoring capabilities.

CRYORIG Computex 2015 (2)

The CRYORIG Pi PSU’s wattage is still a mystery, but it is an 80 Plus Platinum certified based on the images. The OEM is also unknown at the moment along with its pricing and launch date.

CRYORIG Computex 2015 (3)


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