CyberPower has been around for ages, and when it comes to PCs, they usually come up with strange and cool ideas to start their year. Now enter the CyberPower Fang Trinity; a space age looking desktop gaming PC that is surely made by thinking outside the box.

CyberPower Fang Trinity CES 2015 (2)

3 main compartments makes the CyberPower Fang Trinity special: There’s a separate one for the VGA of all shapes and sizes, another one for storage and PSU, and then there’s one for the mainboard and other extras. I’m pretty sure you could mix and match them based on your personal preference and then position the Fang Trinity to suit your needs.

CyberPower Fang Trinity CES 2015 (1)

The Fang Trinity at CES 2015, as recorded by the guys at PCWorld features a liquid cooled Intel Core i7 4790K, a Gigabyte Z97 Mini-ITX motherboard, 5x SSDs, + single 3.5-inch HDD, an optical drive, a full-sized 500W COrsair PSU, and a full-size EVGA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. There’s a lot more room behind the card so expansion might be possible. Connectivity is done via the main hexagonal trunk.

CyberPower Fang Trinity CES 2015 (3)

EDIT: The case is actually a brainchild of Deepcool, and will be revealed at CES 2015 as the Tri ITX Case.

Source: PCWorld

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