Thermaltake, a leading brand in PC DIY for cooling, gaming gear, and memory solutions, today announced the strategic partnership with Disrupt Gaming, a premier esports organization based in North America. This partnership will see Thermaltake and Disrupt Esports collaborate in the development of top of the line peripherals and content.

As a part of the partnership, Disrupt Gaming’s players will be equipped with esports-grade peripherals for competitive battles during the next six months.

Disrupt Gaming, founded in 2018, is well-known for their involvement in the RainbowSix: Siege esports scene, they also have world class players competing in the fighting game Tekken. Their major appearances in esports events includes EVO FGC – Las Vegas, R6 US Nationals, R6 Raleigh Major, and Dreamhack: Austin. Their RainbowSix: Siege roster is currently competing in the North America Challenger League, and is paving their way for the North America Pro League.

Disrupt not only fields players in esports titles such as RainbowSix: Siege and Tekken, they also feature a host of content creators who stream frequently on Twitch, allowing them to connect and communicate directly with the gaming community in an authentic manner.

Up-and-coming champions

Founded in March of 2018, Disrupt Gaming boasts a formidable roster of players and content creators, and have established a strong presence in both Rainbow Six: Siege and the Fighting Game Community.

Join Team Thermaltake

Team Thermaltake is home to Thermaltake’s official esports partners, with Disrupt Gaming joining the family, they will add to the existing teams and bolster our presence in the esports community.

Thermaltake Streamer Program

The Thermaltake Streamer Program is the perfect opportunity for up-and-coming content creators to become an integral part of the Thermaltake family. By providing streamers with our product and support, Thermaltake aims to equip streamers with the resources they need to rise up and establish a presence in the streaming community.

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