Battlefield 4, and Battlefield: Hardline players shall rejoice, as DICE rolls out Two Free DLCs for the games. For an instance, Battlefield 4 gets a free download of the Dragon’s Teeth DLC, and Battlefield: Hardline gets the Robbery DLC. Both  DLCs or Expansion Packs features a 20 USD retail price so normally, you would pay 40 USD for the Two.


EA and DICE made the decision to giveaway the DLCs for free to appeal for the seasoned and new Battlefield gamers, granting standard edition owners to experience the weapons, maps, game modes, and everything else that these Expansion Packs has to offer, while seasoned gamers will expect a number of new gamers to enter the field. Of course, the main reason would be the reveal of Battlefield 5 this coming Friday (May 6th 2016), allowing those who took a break from the series to get back into the action – fueled by the hype train that will ensue, most probably.

According to Westie, a well known Battlefield Youtuber, the Free DLC train will not stop yet, meaning that EA and DICE are planning to get more free content. The Expansion Packs are free to be downloaded HERE(BF4) and HERE(HL), until May 10th 2016 so you got plenty of time to decide. Just make sure you got the base games for the Two. Alternatively, you can access them via the Origin App.

The Dragon’s Teeth DLC is one of the best Battlefield 4 Expansion Packs that has been released to date, and to be honest it is my favorite out of the rest with exciting maps, new weapons, and things to try out for hours on end.

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