The globally acclaimed leading brand of motherboards, mini PCs, notebooks and mobile devices – Elitegroup Computer Systems will pair up with Intel to showcase next generation 200 Series motherboards during CES 2017.

In order to deliver the best gaming experience, Elitegroup has focused on optimizing the performance and compatibility of their motherboards. After ceaseless testing and debugging, Z270 LIGHTSABER is finally ready for its debut to satisfy the PC master race. Z270 LIGHTSABER belongs to LEET gaming series, so the research and development team of Elitegroup took gamers’ opinions into account and added LEET Superior Audio II. This crisp audio solution for gamers eliminates electromagnetic interferences through the shortest routing design and isolation of the audio processing corner on the PCB. Moreover, the stereo system grade capacitors contribute to instilling lifelike acoustics. Meanwhile, the embedded amplifiers allow audiophiles to power high impedance headphones. As for the core, the 120db SNR audio chip makes sound localization easier with strong and crisp audio effects. To add icing on the cake for gaming zealots, the LEDs planted within the PCB isolation area flickers in accordance with the bassline.

Elitegroup leads the industry with Killer E2500 LAN chips that are dedicated to gaming. Configure the priority of network packets with the new Killer Control Center, and never let your gaming performance be hindered by others who are torrenting or watching YouTube vids.

Furthermore, with the exclusive Flash DiGi Power technology which is based on a 14 power phase design, the digital VRM and DURATHON II complement each other, striking the perfect balance between power efficiency and performance, and also resulting in perfect compatibility with Intel Optance technology. Unlocking the full potential of Intel seventh-generation processors, and easily breaking the 3200MHz mark of memory modules.

Another attraction of CES will be the mini-ITX Z270H4-I motherboard. It’s no secret that the compatibility of the mini-ITX motherboard, heat sink, memory, graphics card, case and other components is the hardest part of building a small system, so the engineers at Elitegroup has designed this motherboard to make the most out of the tiny space. No matter whether users are building with tower fans, memory modules with heat sinks or all sorts of mini-ITX cases, the enhanced compatibility grants users the freedom of choosing whatever components they want.

In the meantime, Elitegroup engineers worked magic to place a native NVME M.2 socket on the backside of the PCB. Besides supporting 2242 / 2260 / 2280 form factors, it is also fully compatible with Intel Optance technology for bringing ridiculously fast file transfer speed. Another M.2 2242 socket may be found on the front side. By installing an 802.11ac 2.0 WiFi module and pairing it with an 802.11ac Triple E wireless router, users may experience the latest MU-MIMMO technology, and never suffer from web traffic, connection timeout or crashes.

Despite the compact size of Z270H4-I, it is designed with LEET Superior Audio as well,  providing users low distortion, high definition, and extra smooth sound quality. Plus an S/PDIF interface for connecting your speakers to enjoy the delights of 4K blue-ray.

Over and above, Z270H4-I is packed with USB Type-C, so users may connect their smartphones, tablets or other devices seamlessly, and marvel at the advanced speed of quick charging and data transferring. Moreover, users are able to setup intranet and internet connections simultaneously via the dual GbE LAN design.

Join Us at CES 2017

Besides Z270 LIGHTSABER and Z270H4-I, more Intel B250 series and AMD B350 series motherboards will be revealed in 2017. Elitegroup sincerely welcomes everyone to join in the fun at CES, where there will be more in-depth information about these products, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed!

  • Time: Jan 4th to Jan 7th, 2017. 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST.
  • Place: Venetian hotel (Suite#31-323), Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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