EpicGear at COMPUTEX 2016 showed us their latest gaming gears featuring modular solutions that should sate the DIY kid inside you. Our tour inside their booth is brief, but we managed to snag a little overview about the products that they are going to offer this side of 2016. First up would be the EpicGear DeziMator with its new color scheme in gold as opposed to the usual Black and Red scheme. Not much has been said about this one, and perhaps it’s going to feature the same Cherry MX switches of the original DeziMator.

Next up would be the souped up version of the EpicGear Zora. This is basically the Zora but with extra modular features – if the Zora isn’t modular enough for you. The yet to be named model still features the same removable top plating / shroud for both the palm and main mouse buttons, together with the same adjustable weight design. This version though features hot swap-able switches, meaning that you could basically get your own switch and slap it right away for a more personal feel – Omron ones for example for that strong tactile feedback.

Epic Gear COMPUTEX 2016 (3)

EpicGear also goes for the extra mile, including an option to change the sensor via a slide-in modular system underneath. This is cool since EpicGear could practically put a ton of sensor upgrade options on their website so you could choose the one that best fits your gaming style.

Epic Gear COMPUTEX 2016 (4)

We also got to take a look at a white version of the EpicGear DeFiant Gaming Keyboard. This is basically the same modular keyboard with a removable palm rest, and upgrade-able side mounted extra keypad but in white. EpicGear used this model to showcase their MMS switch design which is basically a type of hot-swap switch. You can also change the color of the LED by sliding in a prism like colored light bar at the switches. This is awesome.

Epic Gear COMPUTEX 2016 (1)

Tour is short, but we appreciated the time provided to us by EpicGear.

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