Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 & 1050 Ti Inbound

Nvidia is keeping its mouth shut when it comes to the GeForce GTX 1050 series of cards. Been weeks really after a huge reveal of the Titan X for the Pascal cards and consumers are clamoring for a budget contender this time around. The GeForce GTX 1050 is the only missing GTX 10 series from Nvidia’s portfolio – with the exception of the rumored GTX 1080 Ti.


Now rumor has it that the GTX 1050 is going to split into two models – the lesser GTX 1050 and the faster GTX 1050 Ti. This is similar to what happened in the past with the GTX 750 and the 750 Ti, whereas Nvidia introduced sub 200 USD graphics with less than 75W of TDP. It is expected that these cards will run at around 100 to 150 USD to combat AMD’s own budget contender, the Radeon RX 460. Read our review HERE.


Charts taken directly from WCCFTech

Specification wise we are looking at 16nm Pascal GPUs with up to 768 CUDA cores under the guise of the GP107.  The GTX 1050 for example, features a 640 CUDA core with a 1354 MHz base clock and 1455 MHz boost based on the leaks which is in line with the GTX 750 Ti as far as CUDA core count is concerned. The GTX 1050 Ti on the other hand, is set to feature a 768 CUDA core count with 1290 MHz base clock and 1392 MHz boost. It’s slightly clocked lower than the non Ti counterpart, but it has more VRAM at 4GB vs 2GB. Both cards will feature GDDR5 memory with a speed at around 7000 MHz under a 128-bit bus interface.

With 16nm, and Pascal just being the king of the power efficiency hill at the moment, these cards are expected to draw less than 75W of heat. With that said, models should feature zero extra power connector and will draw most of the power from the motherboard’s PCI-E slot. Cooling shouldn’t require extra effort too, so Nvidia’s AIB partners wont require their cards to feature extravagant thermal solutions.


Performance figures has been leaked and from the looks of it, the GTX 1050 Ti will feature a performance similar to that of the GTX 960. That is based on ChipHell’s 3DMark 11 performance leaks, and is not really an indication of the card’s performance on games. Still, it’s a competitive solution under 200 USD if that is the case as tested by the guys at WCCFTech with their own sample of the GTX 950 and the GTX 960.


According to the rumor mill, the cards are slated to launch this October, with a pricing around 119 – 149 USD. We’ll keep an eye to the development of the GTX 1050’s story.