How often do you come across people who take pride in knowing their directions without the help of using a navigation system? This number is still a big one. As healthy as it might sound to have a sharp memory, the denial of using a navigation system is absurd.

Why would you want to put yourself through the trouble of guessing your navigations yourself when there is a service tailor-made for this very purpose? That’s right, since 1995, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has been helping people keep track of their navigations without the fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

To understand its efficiency and significance, let’s discuss the GPS navigation systems in detail.

The Evolution of GPS

Despite its initial launch in the early 1970s, the general public was unaware of the mind-blowing GPS technology. The usage of GPS was only limited to the US Air Force. However, the service was permitted for public use in the late 1980s and it was available to the general public by 1995.

From customized Air Force tracking to real-time navigation tracking, the applications of GPS have only improved with time. In the modern era, GPS tracking is used for a variety of activities such as tracking the real-time location of a smartphone or vehicle.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

Due to the working mechanism of a Global Positioning System, it comes with a variety of benefits for the users. This is why it is essential to acknowledge them in order to use the technology better.

1. Easy Navigation

The most common use for GPS is in navigation systems. The GPS tracking feature that comes integrated with the Maps application, helps the drivers to navigate their routes with ease. The accuracy of pointing towards the desired location using the coordinates is what makes the feature so helpful.

2. Employer Monitoring

If you manage a fleet and want to keep a check on your drivers, you can take the help of GPS tracking software. This allows you to monitor your drivers’ activities when they choose the routes so that you are aware that their choice costs you extra time and fuel. Moreover, their compliance with speed restrictions also accounts for their efficiency as fleet drivers.

3. Real-Time Traffic & Weather Alerts

Since its origin, the best update in the GPS has been the integration of real-time data analysis. The real-time traffic reports help you remain aware of any traffic accidents or any other kinds of blockage on the road in your route.

Furthermore, in case of a disturbed weather condition, you can be notified before you arrive at the location, which provides you with the room of planning accordingly and taking any alternative routines, if possible.

4. Smart Route Planning

For a fleet tracking system, planning the best route before starting the trip is an integral part of the process. The efficiency of the route relies on less time, less distance to be traveled, and faster arrival at the destination.

In this scenario, GPS tracking software works best as it can notify you about the quickest as well as the longest routes to your destination. This helps the fleet manager to keep a check on its drivers on their choice of routes to gauge their performance.

Moreover, they can also optimize the drivers’ routes in real-time based on any unforeseen circumstances to boost their productivity.

5. Real-Time Drivers Tracking for Safety

Fleet managers’ priority to truck drivers is to ensure their efficiency in their jobs, however, it is essential to track the drivers’ safety too. Since traditional GPS trackers were unable to track anything other than the data provided to them, the introduction of a dashcam with built-in GPS tracking has revolutionized the use of GPS trackers. With the help of dashcams, the process of tracking the drivers and contacting them in the case of any accidents has improved significantly.

The Impact of GPS on Drivers’ Safety

Drivers’ safety holds great importance for a fleet management organization. To improve fleet safety, the implementation of live stream cameras which broadcast live feeds of drivers has shown promising results

The feedback mechanism of the advanced GPS navigation systems allows the drivers to self-analyze and improve their performance while performing their jobs. This is why it is often recommended to implement the usage of advanced GPS tracking systems.

Evolution GPS Tremendous Drivers Safety GP 2

Considering the numerous benefits of using a GPS navigation system, it is safe to say that it’s a life-saver for all of us. Whether you’re a normal individual, a fleet manager, or a fleet driver, the significance of GPS tracking majorly impacts all of our lives. However, it is only highlighted when you encounter situations where you need the service.

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