The gaming industry has evolved over the years in keeping with the advances in technology. It is no longer a niche arena, but has become a mainstream one, generating significant multi-billion dollar revenues. The shift to online gaming has played a substantial role in the increasing success and accelerated evolution of the gaming industry.

Several platforms and mediums of gaming have emerged from this fast-tracked evolution, leading to more sophisticated consoles, more extensive network of multiplayer PC games and more complex systems for mobile games. We’ll examine how they affect different industries.

Console Gaming

A device that is used to play video games is called the console. Essentially, the video game console outputs a video image that displays the game. Over the years, this gaming type has evolved to take on more complex gameplay, better screen graphics and more interactive platform. Consoles include those used to play video games at home, handheld consoles and dedicated consoles (consoles with one or more built-in video game). Now technology has further advanced the evolution of video game consoles to take on different functions such as a set-top box, a web browser and CD and DVD player.

The game hardware providers have benefitted from the continuous evolution of console gaming. Microsoft, Apple, Sony and Nintendo are currently the largest companies in the gaming console industry that are seeking the services of the game hardware industry. Making exclusive deals with any of these companies will mean significant investment and opportunities through multi-million dollar deals.

PC Gaming

PC gaming is seeing the skyrocketing popularity due to the development of massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) games like World of Warcraft and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. The number of players attracted by these types of games has steadily increased at a phenomenal rate across the globe.

With the inception of e-sports as recognition of the global reaches of popular PC games, several industries have reaped benefits from such development. For one, the PC games development industries have acquired great revenues from high sales resulting from extensive exposure and advertisements of the games and their inclusion in the e-sports arena. The online casinos have recently taken advantage of the revenue-generating potential of the growing popularity of e-sports and have included in their e-sports betting in their online games.

Mobile Gaming

Although relatively the youngest of the three major types of gaming, mobile gaming showing steady and significant rise in users and players. Generally described as a game played using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, mobile gaming offers great flexibility due to the availability of online and offline games. With more and more people owning a smartphone and having internet connectivity, online casinos have extended their gaming platforms to be compatible with mobile device systems. SCR888 is one of the most popular online slot games in Malaysia and Singapore that have reached the mobile platform as a downloadable APK format content. Online casino game developers have made their games as downloadable apps that can be easily acquired through the play store and the Apple store of both Android and Apple iOS phones.

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Online casino owners see the potential for profit in expanding their game offerings to mobile phone users. Game and app developers  also benefit from exclusive deals of online casino owners for creating apps that can link their casino games to the apps.

The gaming industry has stood the test of time by evolving and making use of technological advancements. The gaming industry has also adapted well to the changing preferences and demographics of gamers. Thus, new and old generations of gamers can find their own preferred game formats and can also share a common console. On the economic side, industries connected with gaming such as hardware providers, programming industries and game development industries can also see an increase in their profits going parallel with the success of the games they helped create. Best of all, the gaming industry’s steady and significant growth and revenues have contributed to the economies of the countries where the games originate from.

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