Booth J0409a at Nangang Exhibition Hall to showcase the latest BitFenix innovations

Today, BitFenix is proud to announce its presence at Computex Taipei 2013. Recognized as Asia’s largest technology tradeshow, BitFenix will be at the Nangang Exhibition Hall’s Booth J0409a in full force to show off the latest innovative BitFenix designs.

With the aim of bringing clean and modern styling to computer hardware, BitFenix has created a multitude of product designs geared towards gamers and PC enthusiasts alike. This philosophy has brought forth several iconic designs, including the futuristic Colossus, the rugged yet elegant Survivor, and the streamlined Shinobi. In 2013, BitFenix fans will be introduced to several all-new designs, including Ronin, Shadow, and Comrade, filling out an already impressive gaming case lineup.

The BitFenix design philosophy extended to the realm of small form factor and living room PCs with the introduction of the blockbuster Prodigy mini-ITX chassis in 2012. This compact yet robust case brought high-end hardware compatibility to the mini-ITX platform, igniting a torrent of high-octane mini-ITX builds in the hardware community, and winning multiple awards and polls around the world as the favorite in small form factor chassis. At Computex 2013, showgoers will not only catch a glimpse of the newest member of the Prodigy family, but also see an entirely new lineup of cases designed to push the limits of what people can expect from SFF.

2013 will be another milestone for BitFenix, as we will bring our signature designs to even more product lines. Fitting hand-in-hand with BitFenix chassis comes the Fury PSU Series. For the first time, BitFenix will bring its design prowess to the realm of power supply units, effectively combining superior power supply technology with unmatched aesthetics. The result is a power supply that delivers not only excellent power delivery, but also brings BitFenix style to the table.

In addition to this, BitFenix will enter an entirely new product category. Mobile devices are an undeniable trend, and 2013 will be the year BitFenix delivers a mobile audio solution worthy of the BitFenix name. Partnering with an audio provider with over 30 years of studio audio experience, BitFenix has created the BitFenix Flō Headset. By fusing superior audio with modern design, Flō is the headset users will want to use at and away from the PC. At Computex 2013, visitors will be able to experience a new level of audio fidelity that sounds as good as it looks.

But innovative design is only one of the hallmarks of BitFenix. Last year also marked the debut of the BitFenix Recon – the world’s first Internet connected fan controller. This year, BitFenix fans will be able to see the latest addition to the Recon Series at booth J0409a, and witness the advanced functionality it brings.

  • Visit BitFenix at Computex Taipei 2013 from June 4th to June 8th, 2013 at Booth J0409a.
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BitFenix is the result of the collaboration of several veterans in both the technology and gaming industries. From the same minds behind some of technology’s most venerable products, BitFenix creates hardware and peripherals that grant the user the utmost control, strength, and performance to complete their computing tasks. Combining a deep understanding of gaming and other high-demand computing applications with superior engineering and design know-how, the BitFenix Team is dedicated to creating the go-to computing products and peripherals for those who refuse to quit. For more information, check out



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