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Review | Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse gets tested Next up on our Lightspeed adventure is the Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse. I bought this sucker bundled with the G613 wireless gaming keyboard and it’s high time to make an impression of its capabilities as a wireless gaming mouse. As for the specifics, the Logitech G603 packs in their in-house HERO sensor. A sensor according to Logitech, rated to feature a performance identical to that of Pixart’s PMW-3366. While it is said to be on par with the legendary sensor, efficiency is improved by ten-fold in comparison. This allowed Logitech to claim that...

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Review | Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

G613: The Best Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard To Date On this review, we are going to check out an interesting keyboard from Logitech, the G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. I’ve been waiting for it since the day of its announcement and here we are with a unit fresh from our favorite local retailer. Well, not entirely fresh considering that we’ve had it for months now. This allows us to check every nook and cranny of the wireless keyboard. The Logitech G613 features a 104 key design layout, with an extended housing for dedicated gaming and media keys. Switches used are Logitech’s own...

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Review | ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Mini

Size does matter! The GeForce GTX 1070 Ti marks Nvidia’s final foray into the Pascal architecture. It is the last bastion of the said architecture, melding the best of GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080’s features. That is, with a mission to go head to head with AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 56. Granted, we do not have any RX cards to compare with the GTX 1070 Ti. But, we have the GTX 1050 up to the GTX 1080 Ti to check out the card’s performance across our charts.  Now, our card’s model is the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti...

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Review | AMD Ryzen 3 1300X AM4 CPU

The AMD RYZEN 3 1300X Review Alright folks, this is going to be a fast one. Today, we are taking a look at AMD’s Ryzen 3 1300X CPU. A multi-threaded processor from the Ryzen family featuring 4-cores and 4-threads operating with a base clock of 3.5 GHz.  If the Ryzen 5 1500X is a well-rounded CPU for mainstream applications, then the 1300X is the toned down version of that CPU. Think of it as the base 1500X with the same TDP and clock ratings but without the extra threads. AMD’s SMT is cool and all but for $40 less, the...

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Review | Tt eSports NEMESIS Switch Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

The First NEMESIS Switch Mouse Tested Back in COMPUTEX 2017, we get to witness a prototype of Tt eSport’s NEMESIS gaming mouse. It’s an interesting mouse, featuring Tt eSport’s NEMESIS switch system. Basically, it is a patented revolving switch design with 2 configurable sides that could house a maximum of 8 buttons each. As for the specifics, this mouse packs in the top of the line PMW-3360 sensor from PIXART with a maximum DPI range of 5000. RGB lighting is also supported with 9 in-house effects from the Tt eSports Command Center Pro software. The mouse also features a...

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