ESGS 2017 is the 4th installment of one of the best gaming events in the Philippines. ESGS catering gamers from different walks of life, be it a console, PC or even mobile gaming aficionados. On this guide, we’ll show you a few tips on how to survive ESGS especially if you’re new to the scene. 

We’re representing the PCMR crowd but that doesn’t mean this guide applies to PC gamers alone. But, before we get down on our guide to ESGS, read a little more about its history.

ESGS 101

ESGS stands for Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit. It started to create a mark in the gaming industry since 2014 and has been an annual blockbuster ever since. We are proud to be a part of the core ESGS crew ever since its inception and that’s partly due to the man behind it, Mr. Joebert Yu. A legend within the gaming industry.

ESGS 2014 7

Joebert and Gariath Concepts (his own company) are also one of the reasons why we get to visit Taiwan for COMPUTEX on an annual basis. Sorry guys, I had to feed his non-existing ego basket. He’s humble enough not to own one. ESGS through the years in a nutshell:

  • 2014: ESGS debuts as a 2 day gaming event. Highlighting tournaments, cosplays and other gaming related activities. (SMX became its exclusive playground)
  • 2015: ESGS is still a 2 day gaming event. One of the most anticipated and biggest e-sports competition / gaming convention of the year. (Gariath Concepts was born)
  • 2016: ESGS became a 3 day gaming event. Brought the big names in the industry from all over the world. The most exciting gaming convention of the year. (Visited by Senator Bam Aquino)
  • 2017: ESGS is still a 3 day gaming event. Possibly the biggest under taking thus far with more sponsors and a number of big names in the industry.

ESGS is now a 3 day gaming event usually held on the last week of October at the SMX Convention Center. While ticket prices varies annually, day 1 tickets are usually the cheapest. This year, ESGS will start by October 27 and will end by October 29th. Event time is 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM but it usually goes as far as 11:00 PM due to eSport activities and the usual technical difficulties that any organizers deal with.


The SMX Convention Center is just a 5 minute walk from the center of the SM Mall of Asia and a minute from the MOA Arena. If you’re familiar with any of the establishments mentioned, then you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You can get there via:

  • Bus: Plenty of buses from north and south.
  • Cab: Just tell the driver where you’re going.
  • Uber / Grab: Best if you don’t want to get sweaty.
  • Train: MRT and LRT going to Taft Station.
  • Jeep: There are jeepneys waiting at Taft Station and surrounding areas.

What you should expect this year

Booths, demos, promotions, exclusive look at gaming products, everything within the realm of eSports and gaming in general.

ESGS 2014 46

That should also include cosplays, mini-competitions, stage activities and merchandises. Basically, ESGS is an adventure on its own.

  • Over 50 games to be showcased at ESGS 2017.
  • Gaming competitions for pros and amateurs.
  • Special prizes to gamers who are willing to participate at the activities.
  • Meet the game developers both from local and abroad.
  • Check out the tech brands that moves the industry.
  • Buy toys and collectibles from a wide range of merchandisers.
  • Experience gears for gamers and enthusiasts.
  • PC Modding competition.
  • More giveaways, freebies and promotions.

The Checklist

Again, ESGS is a 3 day event so if you want to cover everything, download the map and print it. SMX is not the largest hall but it gets crowded so it’s kinda hard to visit each booth in a single day.

ESGS 2017 Floor Plan

It’ll also help if you could print a copy of the activities for each day so you’ll get a general idea of what you’ll do for a particular day. For your reference:

  • Print / take a photo of the ESGS 2017 floor plan. Get it here.
  • Print / take a photo of the daily schedule / activities of ESGS. Possible once inside ESGS.
  • Bring a set of fresh clothes and handkerchiefs.
  • Travel light. Bring only the essentials.
  • Do not lose your ticket.
  • Keep an eye out on your belongings.

Follow the rules

ESGS has its own standards and rules to follow for the good of the general public and its investors.

ESGS 2014 50

Be polite and avoid rude behavior at all times within the grounds. There are also places where you are not allowed. For example, do not try and break inside VIP areas or lounges for the media.

  • You may bring a camera to take pictures and videos but ask politely.
  • Do not harass the booths for extra freebies.
  • Do not take pictures of the cosplayers without consent. Again, ask politely.
  • Merchandizers could be negotiated, but avoid low-balling. (Bargaining works on the last day)
  • Do not wear slippers, shorts or even a sando. ESGS is not Divisoria nor anything close.
  • Bringing your own beverage is allowed. Foods however are not but you may buy it inside.
  • Do not litter and vandalize anything inside the event.
  • There’s no free WiFi so don’t even ask the organizers about pass-codes.
  • If there’s a line, do not break the line.

What to do inside ESGS

Do anything you like basically – within reason and without being an ass of course. Just remember to ask politely and be nice to others.

  • Explore the whole area.
  • Make new friends.
  • Check out the games.
  • Experience the gaming gears.
  • Join promotions and giveaways.
  • Buy merchandises on sale.
  • Just have fun.

Known promotions this year

Several names in the gaming industry will have promotions inside ESGS. That includes Plantronics, HyperX, MSI, AOC and Phillips. Auctions, sales and bundles are to be expected from the said companies. Learn more about them at Back2Gaming’s article on this link.

ESGS 2014 10

See you at ESGS 2017, gamers. Let us make this year a good one!


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