Fnatic Reveals Their Own Gaming Gears

Fnatic just recently bought FUNC – a gaming gear company and what do we get? A kickstart campaign via Indiegogo for the Fnatic Gears. It is an in-house gaming gear from the eSport team themselves, as opposed to their usual collaboration with known manufacturers.


After 11 years of blood, sweat, and broken gear… we know what makes great Esports hardware. No flashy green lights will get you a Pentakill. No fan on a mouse will help you hit a headshot. Esports gear is about simplicity, comfort, and reliability – it’s exactly what you need to perform and nothing else.

Fnatic is certainly grunting at the likes of Razer, and TteSports based on the quoted message, and from the looks of things – their gears if I may, are looking good as far as simplicity and functionality is concerned.


At the moment, Fnatic Gear revealed 3 peripherals. A keyboard, mice, and a surface. Their target date is by this December, and even if backing is loose, chances are Fnatic will continue their line of gears, especially since FUNC has been absorbed.


[button link=”https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fnatic-gear-esports-equipment-by-fnatic/#/” type=”big” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] AWESOME SAUCE

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