Marketing ensures that our businesses keep operating. We have to keep attracting customers to keep our business running. This is why people use many new and smart marketing strategies to attract as many customers as possible.

You have to deal with different people in a different manner that best suits their personas. For example, email marketing may not be the best idea if you are targeting a local audience. Here are the best ways to reach out to a local audience and convert them to customers.

Text Messages

It may be a bit difficult to collect opt-in phone numbers, but text message marketing is the most effective and fastest way to market your business to a local audience. People read their messages and they are more likely to convert when they can physically reach your office. You can learn how to text someone from a computer and get started with this marketing campaign.


Although it is now getting old, Facebook is still the biggest social media website with the most active users. Its marketing is so targeted that it allows you to choose the demographics and area of your audience. It means you can choose your city or a part of the city along with other attributes of your potential customer to filter your audience to the most relevant people.


It’s old school, still a great way to increase brand awareness. Pamphlets are cheap and allow you to reach a wide audience. However, it requires more effort compared to other mediums. You have to design, print, and then distribute them. Most people don’t even save the pamphlets, and they just throw them away.

Sales Executives

Although people hate sales executives, businesses still get most sales through them. They can set up stalls or go door to door to market your business. Professional sales executives know how to get people to become a customer and they always get results.

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