With the constant progress of smartphones, mobile games are also going well with the flow of its own. Just like how the Angry Birds franchise had its predecessors (e.g. Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds Rio) and different versions of Temple Run came after a few years of success. These past years of mobile games, I can’t help but notice that the more simple a game’s mechanics are, the more it becomes popular. Those simple games reigned until some a little more complex games came in the scene like Clash of Clans and Summoners War. We cannot deny that most of our ladies and gentletechs nowadays are playing these games and spends a really great amount of time playing these. So, if you guys are waiting for your energy or mana to fill up once again and needed another time-waster, then I present to you the game that will annoy the shit out of you, One More Line.


Well whatever you are playing for a long period of time and if you ever feel so fed up of that game, then why don’t you give One More Line a try? It’s a simple game with a really simple mechanics. The interface of the game is simple and great. It just looks like your classic racing games that gives the player some kind of a retro feel while playing. The game comes with a Daft Punk-ish background music and it surprisingly helps me with the timing. As of the gameplay, the game runs through a one-button control and it goes by ‘tap and hold’ to have your line hold on a node.While holding a node, the line will run a whole circle with the node as the center. as you release your finger from the screen, the line will again start moving on a straight line. However, the nearer your line from the node is, the faster it will go round in circles and it will be much more difficult for you to time your release to move forward or into another line.


The line will adapt to the color of the node that the grapple will take hold of and this will go on as the line moves forward. The further you progress, the longer your line will be and the bigger the retro art you will be able to create! The longer the distance you travel, the higher the pressure. And when your line collided with the wall or with a node, the head of the line will burst into pieces possessing the color of the last node it held on to.


For you to understand the game better, here’s a tip from SMG Studio’s youtube channel that’ll teach you play One More Line like a boss:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/

Sounds easy? Well why don’t you try playing it by yourself and test your timing skills. Let’s see if you won’t get frustrated as you play. Most games nowadays are simple when it comes to interface and mechanics which easily gets our attention and play it as if it’ll be all easy to get a high score in that game. The more you play, the more you realize that that game is fucking impossible. However, frustrations are the ones that really makes us play the game even more, right? So if you start playing One More Line, I bet that there will be a point that you will say “one more line” and hit the replay button for quite a lot of times.

The game is available for both Android and iOS.