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Build Guide | 20K Budget Intel Gaming PC | Q2 2017

20K Budget Gaming PC Build The Intel G4560 is a 3.5 GHz 2 Core / 4 Threads budget CPU. It’s practically untouchable since its release, featuring performance that is enough for most gamer’s requirements. Building a PC based on that CPU should be one of your considerations if budget is truly a constraint. Now if you have 20000 Pesos or just about $400 lying around, then consider your budget gaming PC build done with this guide. The prices you’ll see here are definitely not final, as fluctuations do occur naturally. The prices and items listed are mostly taken from PCHub, TipidPC and other local retailers. While Amazon pricing...

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Basics | Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings Optimization Guide

Tweak and optimize your Nvidia Control Panel 3D Settings The Nvidia Control Panel is perhaps one of my most visited applications. I hang around its 3D Settings a lot, since I do check out new stuffs that Nvidia could possibly roll out. We also make sure to use the same settings on our graphics card as well – every time we review stuffs. Most of the settings within the control panel are prevalent at the graphic settings of most titles, so knowing them should mean a huge plus on your side as a gamer. Setting parameters around the 3D Settings easily is possible under the Adjust Image...

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HyperX Joins The Intel Extreme Masters Season 12

HyperX Is the peripheral and memory partner of IEM As the Intel Extreme Masters Season 12 is ready to kick off in Sydney, Australia, HyperX, will once again be the exclusive peripheral and memory partner for the brand new season. This is the fifth consecutive year HyperX had teamed up with Intel Extreme Masters. Elite players around the world will be practicing and competing with HyperX headsets, keyboards, mice and systems complimented by HyperX memory in IEM tournaments. “We are thrilled to once again partner up with HyperX, who we have had a successful relationship for several years now.” said Michal...

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KINGMAX Sets Sight At The Gaming Market With ZEUS DDR4

KINGMAX ZEUS DDR4 Strikes At COMPUTEX 2017 Hot before COMPUTEX 2017 starts, KINGMAX announces its support for the CyberMods 24hrs. An event that will feature the best of the world’s modding personalities. The Zeus DDR4 line up is the star of the show, allowing the modders to utilize its game centric design on their mods. To know more about the memory kit, read the news below. COMPUTEX Taipei 2017, the international global event for the ICT is set to take off on May 30. As the sponsor of CyberMods 24hrs, KINGMAX will support PC modders from Australia, United States, United...

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Tier One Entertainment is Philippine’s First Talent Agency for Gamers

Alodia Partners Up With eSport Veterans Tier One Entertainment announces the launch of its Talent Agency for gamers. Tier One aims to transform the eSports scene at South East Asia focusing on the development of gaming talents. That includes professional teams, shout-casters and influencers. Tier One will also work closely with brands to reach their desired gaming audiences. Alodia Gosiengfiao founded the Tier One Entertainment together with Tryke – the former director of the Philippine Esports Organization. Tier One Entertainment offers a different approach to developing gaming influencers, starting from the ground up by providing content support, workshops, and training. The...

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