AWC 2018 PHP 29,000,000 prize pool surpasses all other competing mobile MOBA games

The MOBA eSports phenomenon Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC 2018) taking place in Los Angeles this July breaks yet another world record. With a jaw-dropping PHP 26,000,000 (USD 550,000) in prize money for the top performing national teams and outstanding individuals, AWC’s prize pool has far surpassed all other competing mobile MOBA games.

12 world-class eSports teams from 9 regions will battle for the glory and bounty in Los Angeles this summer. The 9 regions include Taiwan/Hong Kong /Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines, Korea, Europe, North America, and South America. With the introduction of individual and team awards this year, we expect to see even more breathtaking techniques on display and innovative strategies that would redefine the MOBA meta.

The upcoming 2018 AWC sets a new record high for prize pool in the mobile MOBA category at PHP 2,900,000. This surpasses the current record of PHP 2,600,000 which was also set by Arena of Valor at the 2017 AIC held in Seoul. The increased prize pool for AWC includes PHP 1,000,000 for the champion, PHP 500,000 for the first runner-up and PHP 250,000 for the 3rd and 4th place respectively.

 Team Prizes
PrizeAmount (Teams)Prize Money (PHP)Total (PHP)
1st Place11,000,0001,000,000
2nd Place1500,000500,000
3rd and 4th Place2250,000500,000
5th – 8th Place4100,000400,000
 Other Team Awards
Most Tenacious1260,000260,000
Most Creative1260,000260,000
Single Match Winner7326,0001,898,000

To better improve the spectator experience and reward more teams, AWC will include a “Most Tenacious Team” and “Most Creative Team” award for teams that take mobile gaming to a new height. Also, as an incentive for all teams to go the distance for victory, there will also be a RM2,000 “Single Match Winner” prize for each game!

 Individual Prizes
Award NameDescriptionPrize Money (PHP)
MVPPlayer with most single match MVPs535,000N/A
Best KillersMost kills187,000133,00053,000
Best SupportsMost assists187,000133,00053,000
Best Damage MakerTotal damage/gold160,000 N/A
Best TankDamage borne/gold160,000
Most Creative PlayerCreative strategy with less popular heroes80,000

Aside from the teams, individual players will also stand a chance to earn titles like “MVP of AWC”, “Best Killer”, “Best Support”, and “Best Tank”. To further encourage creativity and innovation from these worldclass teams, AWC has established a special prize for players who attempt new strategies with less popular heroes. This will stimulate teams to develop even more unconventional lineups, which will no doubt greatly expand the AOV strategy collection.

For the Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines (MSP) region, the top 4 teams at the upcoming Valor Cup Season 2 will be invited to compete against the Top 4 teams from the recently concluded Valor Cup Season 1 (Clutch Guild, Wil New Era, M8Hexa.PenangFood and Tamago) in the Road to AWC 2018. MSP will appoint the champion of the Road to AWC 2018 as the representative team of the Valiant Server. Follow the event closely through our Garena AOV Facebook fanpage (here).

Garena AOV can be downloaded through the Google App Store (here) for Android users as well as through the Apple App Store (here) for iOS users.