Singapore-based games developer and publisher Garena has launched a new casual farming simulator mobile game Fantasy Town in The Philippines, in conjunction with ©Arumgames.

Play alongside friends and get creative

Fantasy Town is packed with various fun features such as farming and crafting and allows very open-ended customization, from characters, heroes, crafters, to town decoration. There are no limitations for players as they build their dream town in the game.

Guild features will allow players to complete various missions together, with the aim of becoming the number one guild in the league. Players can also interact with one another by leaving messages via Guestbook.

Fantasy Town offers something for everyone

The presence of Fantasy Town is a breath of fresh air in the simulation game space in the Philippines. With an arsenal of unique and distinct features such as dungeon exploration, hero collection, and mini games, Fantasy Town has something for everyone. The game is set to appeal to both diehard farming game fans and wider casual gamers.

Players will also notice local Filipino content, such as Manananggal, in the game. Characters like Manananggal will be crafted in the unique art direction that Fantasy Town offers, as a key attraction for simulation game fans.

Fantasy Town can be downloaded in the Philippines on both the iOS App and Google Play store here.

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