Genius is proud to announce its Mobile Theater MT-20 speakers which offer superb theater-like surround sound audio effect and with finest design and texture.

With specially tuned high-quality 2.1 channel speakers, the MT-20 delivers 360-degree sounds with deep immersive bass for unrivalled movie theater experience and enjoyment, no matter where you are! With a full charge to MT-20, you can continuously watch more than 10 hours of movies (approximately 5 to 6 movies) without the need to recharge.

Dual-mode selection for either movie or crystal clear sound of music with a single click button allows you to set-up the MT-20 for your listening experience. Either at home, outside or anywhere you could possibly think of, the MT-20 not only supports Bluetooth technology but also a 3.5mm AUX connector and TF-Card reader to play your favourite songs. A truly great value for both music and movie fans.

Full Immersion with Deep Bass

Enjoy theatre-like surround sound effect wherever you are with the MT-20. Unrivalled immersion in movie mode lets you experience the feel of powerful surround audio even if you’re just watching with your mobile device, something that just can’t be matched by your phone or tablet’s audio. The Genius MT-20 brings a life-like movie theatre with you wherever you go anytime.

10 hr+ Continuous Play

Wherever you are or what you’re doing, enjoy a long listening experience with more than 10-hour listening time on the Genius MT-20 speaker. Whether you’re outdoors doing a movie marathon or listening to music while doing work or enjoying yourself, you are sure to enjoy your movie continuously with a fully-charged MT-20.

Bring amusement everywhere

In addition to the convenience of long lasting battery power and the simple function buttons, the MT-20 also come with a ease-of-carry handle and multiple play connection options to show off the beautifully built speaker with the stunning sound effect.

Simple and Easy to Switch

Intuitive buttons allow quick and easy switching to movie mode and music mode for the perfect setting to your desired listening experience. Experience vibrant surround audio or crystal clear music on any mode with highly accessible buttons without the extra bloat of other complicated buttons.

Genius MT-20 Speaker PR (3)

Convenient and Versatile

Use any audio source you have. Connect it to a mobile device or media player wirelessly with Bluetooth support or via 3.5mm AUX connector. The speaker is also equipped with a SD-Card reader and a music player to play your favorite songs on your SD card without connecting to mobile device.

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