Genius, a leading global brand in personal peripheral devices for the digital world, is proud to announce its ultimate gaming peripheral offer combining its most-dependable gaming mouse, keyboard and headset into one package. Quickly get into battle without compromise with the Genius KMH-200 gaming combo: everything you need to dominate the battlefield.

The Genius KMH-200 will have an MSRP of $27.90. This is by far the most comprehensive package any gamer can have at such a low with all other combos out right now only including both keyboard and mouse, Genius rounds out the entire gaming experience and brings you both keyboard and mouse as well as a gaming headset all in one bundle. A truly remarkable offer.


Genius KMH-200 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Featuring enhanced, low-profile keycaps and low-noise design, the KMH-200 gaming keyboard is designed for high-precision and accurate response for the most comfortable feel. A spill-resistant design ensures no drink can put you out of the game.

The Genius X-G200 gaming mouse compliments the keyboard with its ambidextrous design allowing right- or left-handed gamers to fully enjoy the high-performance gaming mouse. LED lights illuminate the way for the X-G200, adding visual style to your gaming. The Genius X-G200 features 1000DPI for just the right performance for those starting to adjust to competitive gaming. The X-G200 is an ambidextrous design allowing both left and right gamers to use the mouse without problems allowing a more natural grip so no one is left behind.

Genius KMH-200 Gaming Headset

The included headset that rounds out the set features 40mm studio-grade drivers and is tuned to provide strong, controlled bass without muddying the clear audio. A clear, noise-reducing mic compliments comms while gaming and is fully adjustable to get out of the way when not in use. The Genius KMH-200 gaming headset is designed for comfort with soft PU leather on the cups and headband for longer gaming sessions. The headband adjusts to accommodate head sizes and is completely lightweight to reduce strain after long gaming sessions.

The KMH-200 Gaming Headset is made with utmost quality featuring strong braided cables to prevent twining and tangles for a longer life span. And at only 245g its lightweight adds to the comfort offering of the headset making it friendly for people who prefer lighter headsets or like to game on longer sessions. Inline volume control makes adjustments convenient and accessible without fumbling for controls. A truly immersive audio experience awaits gamers with the KMH-200 gaming headset.

Durable Build Quality and Design

All components of the KMH-200 peripheral set are made with endurance in mind to keep up with the fast-paced and action-packed lifestyle of gamers. The KMH-200 features durable, braided cable for added integrity and style that keeps the cables neat. Drain holes in the keyboard guarantee no damage from quick spills and allows liquid to pass through the keyboard for easier clean-up.

Driver-free Freedom, Plug-and-Play Design

Gamers know how important their settings are and when you grow used to your gaming gear you just need it with you anywhere you go. In LAN parties or competitions, Genius makes it easy with the KMH-200 having a fully driverless design letting gamers just plug-and-play without the need to install software. Get started playing quickly.

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