At COMPUTEX 2016, we had a tour at GENIUS Technology’s suite – featuring gaming gears, and multimedia products. There is a long list of products from GENIUS’ portfolio but basically, they brought gaming gears, wireless speakers, gaming mice, keyboards and the likes – all within a hand’s reach for everyone to experience.

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GX Gaming is GENIUS’ signature line for gamers, ranging from gaming mice, gaming speakers, headsets, keyboards, and even mouse pads. This year at COMPUTEX, the company is targeting a higher segment of gamers with a full size mechanical keyboard joining their line up. A new gaming headset is also shown too, featuring what appears to be a semi-open configuration for better positional awareness.

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GENIUS highlights their wireless speakers at COMPUTEX, and this is where the company is probably going to focus at this year together with their gaming peripherals. The SP-906BT wireless speaker for example, is one of the latest audio products from the company, featuring a sturdy and a hefty feel to it. It sounds really good with an acceptable range, plus you can easily stash it on your pack or have it attached anywhere with its rugged carabiner. This product is designed for the outdoors and so far, we’ve taken a liking to it.

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GENIUS also had plenty of pointing devices at their suite. They’ve got small, and standard sized ones, plus another with a built-in power bank inside. A wireless mice with a power bank inside, that is.

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The GENIUS SlimStar 130 is another keyboard from the company, featuring a chiclet key design. It’s slim, dust proof, and looks quite professional together with a matching optical device.

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GENIUS is a well known brand at the APAC region due to their product’s affordable price range, and it is a great thing to see that the company is pushing themselves really hard towards a higher level of market segment. This is great for both GENIUS and its consumers, as the expansion will bring competitive pricing across each and every product segments. This coverage has been made possible with the help of Image Media.

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