Genius Adds The HS-G680 Into Their Arsenal

Genius is proud to announce its latest high-end offering for gamers with a premier aming headset providing immersive audio that is light-weight in an aggressive design. The HS-G680 surround sound gaming headset is a 7.1 mult-channel device that enables gamers to hear and feel audio on a totally new level, adding realism to the experience, making you feel the intensity of the games you play.

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Be part of the action with the immersive 50mm drivers and incredible surround sound for a lifelike experience as it feels just like you are in a battle. Hear footsteps, gauge distance and direction and detect sneaking enemies with great positional and spatial rendering from HS-G680. Keep the sounds to yourself and game while people around you talk without bothering you.

Surround Sound Audio Experience with 7.1 Channel

Iconic 50mm drivers deliver outstanding audio performance for accurate positional sounds making it easier to pinpoint enemies. The 7.1 multi-channel virtual surround technology envelopes the user in the sound of the battlefield, immersing gamers in an experience like being in the game itself. Built-in noise-cancelling shuts out background noise so you stay focused in your game. Let your teammates know what’s coming and call your plays with the crystal clear microphone which is fully adjustable to ensure clear communication with your team.

Aggressive Gamer Style

The honeycomb LED pattern in black and red gives notice when you are gaming, highlighting the revolver-style on the ear cups. Pressing on the earcups activates the illumination meaning you’re set for battle.

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Premium Comfort

For extended gaming sessions, HS-G680 uses soft over-ear paddings for the earcups and a lightweight self-adjusting headband for a great fit anytime. The earcups cover the entire ear and provides great comfort even in tense gaming situations. The self-adjusting and lightweight headband makes sure its always the right fit and doesn’t add stress to your neck making you focus on your game during extended gaming sessions.

Excellent Build Quality

From the comfort to the build, the HS-G680 is built to last with great construction. The high-performance braided-cable is wear-resistant and will endure the daily use and abuse of gamers. The inline controller built into the cable making it accessible and easy to reach when you need it with built-in controls for volume and microphone, you are in full control. The extra length cable gives ample length so you can have some slack when routing your cable anywhere on your PC.

About Genius

Genius is a leading international brand in computer and mobile peripherals. Established by KYE Systems Corp. in 1983, the Genius brand was created in 1985 for our mouse devices and other peripherals. Genius offers mobile, living and business peripheral products including computer mice, keyboards, wired and wireless / Bluetooth speakers and headsets, and the professional GX Gaming gear series. Genius has won multiple national awards from IF, Red Dot, CES, and others. For more information about our products and us, you can visit the Genius website at

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