GIGABYTE just had the official local launch of their Intel 200 series motherboards with the AORUS line-up spearheading the event. AORUS is a premium gaming brand that actually stemmed from GIGABYTE’s notebooks, with current offerings now delivering a full spectrum of gaming products. Those are ranging from GeForce GTX series gaming laptops for VR, gaming motherboards, gaming graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards, to gaming mice.

With the AOURUS in-line, GIGABYTE’s current offerings are rather strong this side of the year. Kinda saturated in a sense if we’re going to take the G1 Gaming, and the Gaming series into the account. Granted, both the G1 Gaming and Gaming series are not bound to the top-end chipset so there’s that to lessen the confusion. It also appears that the G1 Gaming will see no refresh this side of the year so GIGABYTE might be working on to phasing out the line completely.

You could think of the AOURUS as the hybrid OC and Gaming oriented motherboard from GIGABYTE with no compromise between both features. The GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 for example, houses 22 power phases under the EK Designed water block, has full range of RGB customization, and tons of features that will melt every gamer’s heart. You can check it out here for your consideration.

GIGABYTE’s MB Division also introduced the Nvidia Quadro line-up of professional graphics cards which is kinda surprising for the company since they’ve got a separate division for the GPUs. This is a smart move though, since Nvidia is strict when it comes to their work station graphics solution compatibility wise.

GIGABYTE also had the Z270X-DESIGNARE displayed next to the Quadro cards. This makes sense since the Designare series fully supports NVIDIA’s Quadro Professional Graphics. That also includes native support for Intel Thunderbolt 3.