GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of premium gaming hardware, today announced the new AORUS P1200W 80+ Platinum Modular power supply. AORUS P1200W has a real-time digital monitoring function, allowing gamers to monitor the various conditions of the power supply to ensure a stable operation.

The large LCD display on the power supply can not only display various operating information in real time, but it can also be customized to various display modes. AORUS P1200W features 80 PLUSĀ® Platinum certification, modular design, 100% Japanese capacitors, 140mm smart double ball bearing fan, single +12V rail design and multiple circuit protection. In addition, its amazing compact size makes it compatible with any chassis without space constraints. With the increasing power consumption of high-end CPUs and GPUs, AORUS P1200W will be a must-have choice for top gamers.

Digital monitor function

The main feature of AORUS P1200W is the digital monitor function. It can monitor various values of the power supply in real time, such as the output wattage and current of each voltage, fan speed and temperature, etc. Gamers can keep track of the operating status of the power supply to ensure its stable operation. The large LCD monitor can directly and easily monitor the power status without installing any software. The power status can also be displayed on the computer screen through the AORUS engine, providing gamers with another way to monitor the power supply.


Through the RGB Fusion software, the users are able to customize the LCD display according to their preferences. They can add files to be displayed, such as MP4&GIF video mode, image mode, and text mode. Gamers can customize and display various unique topics according to their requirements. Gamers can adjust the lighting effect of the power supply from a plethora of various lighting modes and create a unique personal gaming style.

80 PLUS Platinum

The AORUS P1200W power supply has passed the 80 PLUSĀ® Platinum certification. The power efficiency of more than 92% not only reduces waste heat, but also helps gamers to save money from the electricity bills. The power supply uses 100% high-quality Japanese capacitors to provide better efficiency, stability and longer service life. The large 140 mm double ball bearing smart fan can minimize the noise while it provides the best heat dissipation. The smart fan detects the current power usage status and automatically adjusts the fan speed. When the power load is lower than 20%, the fan will automatically stop to achieve a zero-noise environment.

The fan adopts the most durable double ball bearing structure, with a service life of more than 50,000 hours, which greatly improves the reliability of the power supply. AORUS P1200W not only has built-in OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP circuit protection designs, but also has passed strict tests of various national safety regulations. It provides the most stable and abundant power supply for the system, protects various devices inside the computer, and brings gamers a peace of mind and stable experience.

Only 160mm long

With the help of engineers’ excellent design capabilities and heat dissipation technology on various hardware products, and the use of higher quality materials, AORUS has reduced the size of a 1200W power supply that is generally designed to be 200 mm long to an amazing 160 mm. Not only can it reserve more space to make the air flow in the chassis smoother, but it can also be installed in a small chassis more easily, allowing gamers to have a small chassis to enjoy top performance. The fully modular design is convenient for gamers to install the cables needed in the chassis according to their hardware configuration. Coupled with a flat cable design, it can effectively reduce the airflow interference and improve the heat dissipation effect in the chassis. The single +12V rail design is every customer’s favorite design, and gamers can enjoy the benefits of large current without limitation. In order to allow the power supply to operate stably for a longer period of time, it also provides a thoughtful fan dust removal function, which can reduce the accumulation of dust in the power supply.


With the increasing power consumption of high-end CPUs and GPUs, a high-wattage power supply of 1200W will be a must-have choice for top gamers. AORUS P1200W leads the market and provides the best choice, allowing gamers to enjoy top performance without being limited by the space of the chassis. AORUS P1200W power supply is the best choice for all gamers in terms of quality, appearance, size and function.

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