GIGABTE Philippines just recently unveiled their Z170 motherboards in the Philippines for the impending launch of the Intel Skylake CPUs this coming September. About 7 boards are now available upon GIGABYTE’s launch here in the Philippines; 4 standard UltraDurable boards, and 3 gaming boards that serves different needs according to budget and feature sets.

GIGABYTE Z170 Launch PH (1)

For example, the Z170X-HD3P – the budget meal out of the available boards retails for around 8, 450 Pesos that already features what an LGA 1151 board should. That includes USB 3.1, USB Type-C, and multi-GFX card support (AMD CrossFire) among the few.

GIGABYTE Z170 Launch PH (3)

For GIGABYTE and the enthusiasts, there’s no such thing as overkill – which is clearly why the GIGABYTE Z170X-GAMING G1 has been released. Packing all the necessary Z170X features, it also boasts extras suxh as Dual LAN, WiFi, a gaming oriented appearance, and a whole lot more that the child in you could only dream of. MSRP has yet to be revealed, but it should be available soon here together with the yet to be released SOC enthusiast level boards.

GIGABYTE Z170 Launch PH (2)

All in all, GIGABYTE gave us the impression that they’ve surveyed battle grounds very well, by introducing necessary models that wont clash with their other board’s price point so there’s plenty for everyone with different budgets and needs. The GIGABYTE Z170X motherboards are compatible with Intel’s initial Skylake CPUs – the Core i5-6600K, and the Core i7-6700K. All boards supports overclocking, and are now available nationwide thru various resellers. For more info about the Z170 motherboards, CLICK THIS LINK FOR DETAILS

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