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Gamers Should Expect New Brands Carrying AMD GPUs

Gamers Should Expect New Brands Carrying AMD Radeon RX graphics ASUS announced its AREZ-branded AMD Radeon RX graphics cards and over the coming weeks, gamers can expect to see more add-in board partners launch new brands carrying the AMD Radeon name. AMD is pledging to reignite freedom of choice when gamers choose an AMD Radeon RX graphics card. These brands will share the same values of openness, innovation and inclusivity that most gamers take to heart, and will share the four values central to AMD Radeon: A dedication to open innovation – AMD works tirelessly to advance PC gaming through close collaboration...

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ASUS Announces AREZ Graphics Card Brand for AMD GPUs

ASUS AREZ: A bold new brand identity for AMD Radeon RX graphics cards ASUS today announced AREZ, a new brand identity for ASUS Radeon™ RX graphics cards. Derived from Ares, the Greek god of war, AREZ-branded graphics cards are built using industry-leading automated manufacturing to provide AMD gamers and enthusiasts with superior cooling technology and a robust software ecosystem. The new AREZ brand underlines the strong working partnership between ASUS and AMD that spans decades. Gamers and enthusiasts will enjoy a combination of exclusive ASUS innovations and technologies and AMD’s Radeon graphics processors and software. “Gamers around the world...

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ZOTAC ZBOX Q: Mini Workstation PC with Nvidia Quadro GPU

ZOTAC Technology today introduced the ZBOX Q Series Mini PC featuring the most advanced and powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® GPU. The new series addition to the ZBOX line up will demo at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, USA, emerging as ZOTAC’s first miniature but powerful workstation solution, as well as the world’s first NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics with Pascal™ architecture powered Mini PCs. The ZBOX Q Series leverages the ZBOX Mini PC’s sleek and stylish design without compromising the industry leading graphics performance. From stunning industrial design and advanced special effects, to complex scientific visualization and sophisticated data modeling, the...

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Adobe Premier Pro CC Adds Native Support to AMD Radeon Pro SSG

New version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides native support for AMD Radeon Pro SSG graphics AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) and Adobe today announced a powerful new solution for demanding 4K and 8K video workflows that enables seamless editing of popular video formats, accelerating the production process while giving editors unprecedented control of their projects using high-resolution, uncompressed footage. Launching at the 2018 NAB Show next week, the new version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC includes native support for AMD Radeon Pro SSG graphics, the groundbreaking solution designed specifically for video production that combines the extraordinary performance and capabilities of AMD “Vega” GPU architecture with 2TB of...

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Nvidia Announces The GeForce Academy of Gamers

Select your Major at the GeForce Academy of Gamers The NVIDIA Academic Programme is dedicated to empower and collaborate with professors and researchers at universities worldwide. Nvidia aims to inspire cutting-edge technological innovation and to find new ways of enhancing faculty research as well as the teaching and learning experience. Nvidia achieve this through a variety of initiatives and programs. Of importance to this are our GPU Centres of Excellence, which are located around the world, including Spain, China, India, and the US. That includes the GeForce Academy for Gamers. Traditionally, Nvidia’s academic efforts have been associated with CUDA and AI....

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