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It’s not everyday that we post gift guides, even so when a holiday is coming up. Today’s a different deal though, since 2018 is incredibly full of excellent gears under $25 USD. That’s about 1300 in Philippine Pesos of gift worthy gaming gears, storage devices and so much more.

For the record, we are not including products with hot promotions. This is to ensure that everything on the list is actually under or around $25 USD until the year ends. Without further ado, let us check out these awesome products we could wrap for Christmas.

Storage that matters: Kingston A400 SSD, Kingston Canvas Select SD, Kingston Canvas Select microSD

Back in the days, a 120GB SATA SSD costs around 100USD. Today, you could get one with the same capacity at a quarter of that price with the Kingston A400 SSD. That’s just $25 USD that could bring huge performance boost for any systems. It features 520MB/s read and 500MB/s write performance. Plus, it is also available in 240GB capcity which is also excellent for the slated price of 2750 Pesos. This SSD family is the epitome of budget and performance under a black canvass.

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The Kingston Canvas Select SD is another reliable storage device with a certified Class 10 UHS-I performance. Capacity starts at 16GB yet we recommend the 64GB and 128GB options at 1200 and 2350 Pesos respectively.

Under $25 Gifts 2018 (15)

If you are a budding photographer, videographer or just want to fill that void on your notebook’s SD card slot for whatever reason, then this one should take it at a considerate price.

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The smaller 64GB Kingston Canvas Select microSD on the other hand is recommended for mobile devices at 1200 Pesos. It is also a Class 10 UHS-I microSD card, fitting the requirements of today’s high performance mobile devices. All Kingston storage devices listed here comes with a lifetime warranty and are available through most online and local stores nationwide. That includes Lazada, Shoppee, PC Hub and PC Express.

For the audiophile: KZ ZST Pro, KZ ES4 Hi-Fi

Whenever a friend asks me to recommend a good budget IEM, KZ Acoustic’s popular duo comes into mind; The KZ ZST Pro and the ES4 Hi-Fi under $15 USD / 800 Pesos. These are the top budget IEMs you could find with excellent build quality and sonic properties.

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Pick up the KZ ZST Pro if you like a smaller foot print and treble is your game. The KZ ES4 is warmer towards the top-end, but it is more balanced with a refined sonic performance.

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Both IEMs are excellent value for money products with community driven after market support to boot.

For a new home: Omega Aqua, Rosewill SRM-01

Omega is a local brand, hence the Aqua model is the only one here exclusive for the Philippines at  1300 Pesos. It features a modern design that supports the ATX form factor. The side panel is made out of acrylic, mimicking the aesthetics of a proper tempered glass case.

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The Rosewill SRM-01 is another budget contender though it only support mATX and smaller form factors. It is a basic case, with down to earth commodities under $25 USD.

Under $25 Gifts 2018 (16)

What I like about giving away a case is no one expected such. Wrap it up and someone might thought it’s something really huge like a gaming PC. Let’s keep them guessing.

For a cooler Christmas: Zalman CNPS7X LED+, Cryorig M9

The Zalman CNPS7X LED+ might be old, but it is one of my favorites – owning one myself. It is a performance oriented oddly shaped tower cooler at $20 USD. The drawbacks? It is not compatible with AM4, LGA 20XX and TR4 sockets yet and it’s almost exclusive online.

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The Cryorig M9 is also an excellent choice under $20 USD, or about 1000 Pesos. It is a small tower cooler with marginal performance improvements over the usual stock cooler. If compatibility is also a requirement, then this is the budget cooler to check out.

Under $25 Gifts 2018 (3)

Mechanical keyboard galore: Ajazz AK33, Redragon K552-N, Darfur Excellent DK100

First one here is the tried and tested Ajazz AK33 82 key mechanical keyboard. It is a compact and basic mechanical keyboard with Zorro Switches inside. Best part? It is available in multitude of configurations. That includes colors to choose from and switch variety.

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The Redragon K552-N is another compact mechanical keyboard on the list with an 87 key layout. It is also a basic keyboard with plate mounted Outemu switches inside. It comes with double-shot injection keycaps and is overall a good pick.

Under $25 Gifts 2018 (7)

Darfur’s Excellent DK100 is similar to the Redragon model with an 87 key layout though it looks cleaner and features LED lighting. The DK100 is available on Taobao for around 1000 Pesos. Budget oriented with a splash of class indeed.

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Custom keycaps are also excellent gifts, especially if your loved one already had a mechanical keyboard in the first place.

Mouse: Logitech G203, SteelSeries Rival 100

The Logitech G203 is a mainstay budget recommendation due to its basic shape but performance oriented specifications. The gaming mouse is practically hard to beat at its designated price point of $25 USD.

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Another good budget oriented mouse around $25 USD is the SteelSeries Rival 100. If you appreciate lighting with performance in mind then this is the gaming mouse to go.

Under $25 Gifts 2018 (10)

Gift for travel buds: TP-Link TL-WR802N

The TP-Link TL-WR802N is a pocket-sized Wireless N travel router. Practically useful for accommodations with wireless or wired connectivity that requires you to share one access point. You may even use it as a wireless extender at home.

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Power like there’s no tomorrow: Romoss Sense 8 Plus 30000 mAh

This is something I would like to have myself. A tried and tested 30000mAh powerbank around $25 USD. Fast charging ports, covers up literally most devices including Apple’s Lightning port and it is just massive on power. This could power up your devices for days. Perfect for a getaway.

Under $25 Gifts 2018 (9)


Most of the items listed here are available worldwide with a few exceptions. They are excellent gifts – having gifted a few recommendations here to friends and relatives.

I’d be honest that we cannot cover most electronics, but I do hope that this small guide will help you regardless. Happy hunting!

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