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Guide | How To Build a DIY Home Elevator Using Electric Actuators

How we build a DIY home elevator using electric actuators

Every time when it is going about home automation, people are very creative and unpredictable. There are many amazing ideas to automate our daily life. One of the brightest examples is to make a DIY home elevator. You can build it by yourself by using electric actuators.

Today, modern technologies make people’s lives simpler and better. Every day scientists elaborate and implement into the real life many great ideas. The modern life is too complicated and people always are in a hurry. You can be so tired after the hard working day, so you may require having a rest. Nowadays, there are many amazing ideas to automate your home. One of the brightest examples is to make a DIY home elevator. You can build it by yourself by using electric actuators.

What is a home elevator?

First of all, you have to know what a home elevator is and what the main functions are. In general, a DIY home elevator is a special lift that moves up and down. It is able to lift 2-6 persons. Of course, there are lots of them. They can vary due to their capacity, voltage, size, and purposes. Basically, it can make your life more convenient, especially if your house comprises several floors. People install them due to different reasons. Some of us want to build a home lift for children (to play or move), others want to build the lift to move something up/down (meal, dirty/clean clothes, etc.), and some people want to build a home lift to get to higher/lower floors. That is why you should know for sure of what are you looking for. Moreover, home elevators can make your home more fancy and stylish. You can even place it instead of the stairs. As a result, you will save the space. Also, a home elevator is the best idea for old people who live in a house with several floors. Sometimes it is very hard to follow the stairs for old people, and for some, it is even impossible (for people with disabilities). In any way, it has more pluses than minuses.

Hоmemade vs Buying

In general, you can find out many varied shops and websites where you can choose and buy autоmated elevators, etc. Usually, people buy home lіfts in these shops. However, most of the ready lifts are made of hіgh-quаlity stеel and other materials. The price can vary due to the model, size, power, color, and varied characteristics. In fact, to buy the ready product is easier than to build your own one. In any way, sometimes the price is too high and not everyone can afford to buy such a thing.

When it is going about the handmade home elevator, the price will be lower, but still, they require spending some time for building. Nowadays, you can face a big number of various ideas and schemes. Moreover, you can use different materials for your in-home elevator.

How to make the elevator in-home?

Actually, it is not too hard to make a DIY home elevator. You just need to take all the necessary equipment, parts, and materials. Nowadays, you can search for ready ideas and schemes on the Internet. There you can also find the sizes and numbers. Nevertheless, be ready to spend your time and efforts, as you need to build an automated box that will move up and down by pushing the button.

Here is the list of elements you may need:

  • Electric power saw
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Electric power drill
  • Steel frame
  • Linear actuator and other equipment.

How to build a home elevator using actuators?

You can find out different schemes and plans to build a home elevator. But still, before building your own one, it is very significant to understand what you want to construct. The purposes and size can differ a lot, as different lifts may have a different capacity (in other words, elevators can lift some boxes, panels, cabinets, or even several people). The design of home elevators can also differ. You can use different materials in accordance with the lift’s purposes. In any way, here are some steps to build a home elevator to lift people:

  1. First of all, you should find out the most suitable design.
  2. Find out sizes and do some calculations. Sometimes you can find out everything you need on the Internet.
  3. Prepare all the materials, elements, parts, and equipment. Before you start the building process, you must be sure that you have everything you need.
  4. Make some calculations if you need or you can take the ready scheme with ready calculations.
  5. Start building from the frame. You can also save your time and buy the ready frame. However, you just can buy steel details and panels and build the frame due to your elevator scheme.
  6. Construct the cabin. Actually, you can build the cabin using different materials. However, all people are different, so some of us can use the wood, while others use the steel or other metals.
  7. Construct the moving path for your lift.
  8. Make the control panel.
  9. Connect the linear actuator to your construction. It is very significant to follow the recommendations and do everything right in order to make your lift to work correctly.
  10. Check everything several times and then connect your elevator to the power source.

Which actuators to use?

Nowadays, there is a big amount of linear actuators. They have different sizes, capacity, voltage, power, functions, etc. Of course, each type has specific pros and cons. In any way, if you want to build a home elevator, it will be better to use electric actuators. However, some schemes require using hydraulic actuators.

How much does a home elevator cost?

When it is going about the price of your DIY elevator, it can vary due to the type of home elevators. However, if we take the automated home elevator to lift people, the price is rather high. The ready one can cost more than $4000. If you decide to build your home elevator by yourself, it will cost around $500. As far as you can see, to build your own one is cheaper. But still, it requires your time and efforts.

Today, everything changes every time. New technologies get more widespread. Everyday people create new ideas that can simplify our life and make it a bit better. As for the automated home elevator, there are many types and different designs. Of course, it is not the cheapest thing to buy at the shop. However, if you decide to build your own one, it will not be too expensive. You can search for various schemes on the Internet. Just choose the best one for you and build it.

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  1. Hi !
    I am trying to understand how to actually build a DIY home elevator with the linear actuator. My floor to floor height is 130″. Are there linear actuators that can move 130″ ?


  2. This was very misleading. There is no instructions on ‘how to build a home elevator using linear actuators’, not even a link to a site or video on such a topic.

    What’s your next article? Perhaps, ‘How to build a house from plastic milk cartons’. Then you proceed to tell people to look online for designs and instructions.

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