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Owning a business nowadays without a website to promote it is basically burying your business under the dust. A good-quality designed website attracts customers to your business. With the right design and marketing strategies, your business can get to the top spots on a Google search engine results page.

Building a website sounds extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Setting your budget really depends on the website you want to design and the quality you want to receive. Building a website isn’t a one-step process as the website design industry has been rapidly changing and developing in the past three years. Today we share ideas to help you build your dream website.

1. Ask, and You Shall Find

Never underestimate the value of the Internet, which we assume you already know since you’re looking for a web designer or for the top eCommerce website builders. The trick here is to remember that, just like any service you’re looking to purchase, comparing and doing your research is important. There are several companies out there that boast high-quality service for less cost, but only a few truly deliver.

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When looking for an affordable web design, there are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing a web designing company. First and foremost, and we stress heavily on this, is to take a look at their portfolio. This will give you an idea of how versatile the company is, and how many clients have actually used the service with satisfying results. Don’t hesitate to check the clients, either. Visit their websites and see if their websites truly are as wonderful as mentioned.

An efficient web designing company also has in-depth knowledge of things like SEO, UX compatibility and can morph their services to give you the design that works for you. Positive reviews are also important, but we suggest you look for the ones that at least sound unbiased. And, of course, never underestimate the value of good customer service.

2. Hire a Freelancer

The Internet is teeming with freelancers in all disciplines. Finding one to design your website is not a difficult feat. Tens of freelance websites exist that give you access to hundreds of designers willing to work with you on a budget. However, do take a few things into account when dealing with the freelance-website you’re hiring your freelancer from.

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Make sure the job portal gives you a good selection of qualified freelancers to choose from. Evaluate the trustworthiness of the rating system, so you are not duped into hiring someone who isn’t a professional. Some portals have skill testing tools that are beneficial in your elimination process. And most importantly, make sure you can trust the payment management tools.

3. Do it Yourself

Although many will encourage you to ignore this method, we believe this is an important solution when you really are short on time, have a very small budget and are still familiarizing yourself with service companies and job portals. There are several websites that offer web design services for free, allowing you to personally design and create your website. is one such website, and for a small fee, you can have your domain name without the Wix name attached to it.

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Another option is to simply buy the domain name and hosting, and work your way through WordPress for the design you want. There is a multitude of free themes offered by WordPress, and they’re easily customizable to your needs. Bloggers have especially been able to make use of this, and if you’re stuck, you’ll find all the help you need on multiple forums and YouTube.

Your Website, Your Design

Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that your website should reflect you and what you are offering. It’s the first impression customers will get of who you are and what you can do for them, and it’s important for that first impression to be a good one. If you can pay for a web design service, then, by all means, go ahead, but don’t cripple yourself by worrying about a costly investment. You don’t need a fortune to get it done.

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