The problem many people have with their personal computer is that it quickly falls behind the times in many aspects. One reason is because technology is improving all the time. Therefore, games and applications that runs on them becomes more and more demanding as time goes by.

As a result, there’s always a need for many to upgrade their computers. Avid system builders and gamers could easily do such, but how about your normal consumer? On this guide, we will teach you the basics on what components to upgrade on your computer based on common symptoms and or requirements.


One of the first areas anyone should look to upgrade with regards to their computer is the hard drive. With many likely to have a mechanical hard drive in place, it makes perfect sense to swap it out for an SSD, which will drastically improve speeds across the board. Boot times and file transfers will be completed at breakneck speed, while the system will also feel more responsive too.

HP EX920 M.2 NVME SSD (4)

Consider upgrading your storage drive if:

  • Your PC boots slower than ever.
  • Applications are slow to respond or loads slowly.
  • You get disk checks and boot failures often.
  • Your mechanical drive is old enough and may fail anytime soon.


Everybody knows how important RAM is to a computer, and it’s also likely they will know that upgrading it is a sure-fire way to boost a computer’s multitasking ability for example. A lot of computers will most likely be equipped with 2GB or 4GB of RAM when bought, but the great news is that RAM can always be expanded on. While it can at times be expensive to purchase, it’s more than worth it, with most computers being able to handle 16GB upwards.


Consider upgrading your RAM if:

  • It is below the minimum specifications of the software you want to use.
  • Your PC boots slower than ever.
  • Applications are slow to respond or loads slowly.
  • You get memory checks and crashes often.
  • Multitasking makes your system slow to a crawl.
  • You receive notifications about “low memory” or “out of memory.

CPU and Motherboard

Now, upgrading the CPU in a computer can be a difficult task, and one not for the feint hearted. But in many instances, it is worth doing, or paying somebody else to do it for you. CPUs are in most cases responsible for a computer becoming outdated, as they simply can’t keep the pace anymore. Replacing the CPU may require the motherboard to be replaced too, but it can definitely help to breathe fresh life into an ageing machine.

ASUS ROG Strix B360-F Motherboard (4)

Consider upgrading your CPU and motherboard if:

  • It is below the minimum specifications of the software you want to use.
  • Multitasking makes your system slow to a crawl.
  • You keep on loading the CPU at 100%. Check it out with the Task Manager.
  • It causes crashes due to heat or instability.

Upgrade the motherboard if your CPU of choice doesn’t support the current one. This is applicable to the RAM as well.


There are also peripherals to consider when it comes to upgrades, with a better monitor always a good place to start. Full HD displays are now relatively cheap to buy, and these could transform the whole computer experience especially with high refresh rate monitors around. Upgrading the monitor is a necessity for those who use their computer to play games at a competitive level. This is indeed the case across the entire spectrum of gaming, whether it maybe RoyalVegas Casino games or dodging bullets as the Northern Lights glisten in Battlefield V.

AOC I2381FH Monitor (3)

Upgrading your monitor also helps to be more efficient at work as well.

Consider upgrading your monitor if:

  • Your current monitor is below the standard Full HD 1080P resolution.
  • The monitor has issues like burns or dead pixels.
  • You want to play games at a more satisfying level.
  • You want the latest in eye-care technology.

Graphics Card

To produce great graphics, the graphics card is another component which could do with an upgrade to enable it to support the very latest games. They’re one of the most upgraded components in a computer, and for good reason, and while they can be expensive to buy, they’re for the most part a great investment.

ZOTAC GTX 1070 Ti Mini (7)

Consider upgrading your graphics card if:

  • It is below the minimum specifications of the software you want to use.
  • You want to play games at the best possible settings.
  • You want to experience butter smooth gameplay.

Keyboard and mouse

Furthermore, it is also worth considering upgrading keyboard and mouse sets and even headphones, especially with the cool VR headsets available right now. They all combine to produce a fantastic user experience. And if the money is there to make these various improvements, we would strongly recommend them all.

Consider upgrading your keyboard and or mouse if:

  • You want to experience the best possible gaming experience haptically.
  • You care for the best possible comfort and or ergonomics.
  • If it is old enough to consider a replacement.

Power Supply Unit:

Power supplies are also important, especially since they provide power to your system. Without a capable and reliable PSU, all your components are at risk.

Thermaltake Smart RGB PSU 700W (4)

Consider upgrading your PSU if:

  • Your PC keeps on shutting down at load. Also check the CPU and Graphics.
  • Your total wattage requirement after upgrade is computed well above your current power supply’s capabilities.
  • If it is old enough to consider a replacement.

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