On a recent interview conducted by Gamesreactor UK, Hideo Kojima, brain father of the Metal Gear Saga, states that he is considering to remake Metal Gear Solid, using the Fox Engine. The same engine that will power up the Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain.

Metal Gear Solid

If you’re a solid Metal Gear fan, you might already know that the Metal Gear Solid already had a remake in the form of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the Nintendo GameCube almost a decade ago. Kojima also points out that the Metal Gear Solid was a true reflection of the consoles of that era, signifying that it’ll be a real challenge to implement MGS1 onto the next generation consoles.

“It was a game made for a certain era — not just the story, but the controls and everything about it reflect that era in which the game was made.”

Personally, this is a great, but a challenging idea, pitting Kojima against his former self. I’m also quit curious on how it’ll fair for today’s gamers, knowing that you could finish the original game under 3 hours, with a  straight forward gameplay. That said, we could see a total revamp with regards to the game’s storyline, gameplay, along with a larger area to explore, and lotsa cutscenes, as opposed to the original’s long but witty codec conversations. Would you love a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid?

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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