Highland Capital management Partner, James Dondero to Enhance Philanthropy Program in Dallas Texas

James “Jim” Dondero brings the high-conviction and proactive approach that he has in the past used as an investor to his charitable activities in the United States. Highland Capital management has been involved in philanthropy initiatives since it was founded. In recent years, however, the company has taken a more strategic approach that better reflects the scale of its charity. The company has set out to identify a philanthropy partner who is well versed with charitable giving.

Adding structure to Highland’s fast-growing program

The goal of such a partnership will be to add structure to Highland’s fast-growing philanthropy program. James Dondero said that his company is looking for a partner that will assist in managing their yearly budget on philanthropy that had grown to the excess of $3 million. The search ultimately led to The Dallas Foundation. The CEO and President of the organization, Mary Jalonick, and her team of donor service and philanthropic experts were the first to welcome the move. According to Jim, his organization was drawn to The Dallas foundation due to their robust network in the northern part of Texas and their proven and tested performance record in philanthropy. Both Jim and Mary Jalonick have built a philanthropic framework that is engineered in facilitating compelling, bold and aspirational charitable giving.

The partnership between these two firms gave birth to Highland Dallas foundation Inc. The organization is a supporting company of The Dallas Foundation, to help James Dondero realize his vision in philanthropy and act as a support framework for this noble endeavor. Dondero has for a long time supported the initiatives that are related to healthcare, education and veterans in the community of Dallas. Mr. Dondero has expanded his charitable endeavor to several civic organizations. They include the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Dallas Zoo. Ms Jalonick said that Dondero’s acumen in entrepreneurship beautifully aligns with his strategy in philanthropy and charitable giving. Jalonick added that, Dondero had employed multi-annual grants as part of his charity.

Getting help from the experts

Jalonick added that although such types of grants are rare in the world of philanthropy, they present a very critical aspect to non-profit organizations by offering a funding source that is sustainable for the long-term. A few months ago, Jim Dondero worked with the Dallas Foundation to hire Linda Owen. Ms Owen is the former CEO and president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and now serves as the charitable giving manager of the organization. Linda concentrates on the activities of Highland Dallas Foundation. She connects Dondero’s vision with non-profit partners who have played a critical role in improving the quality of life for the residents of North Texas. Jim noted that the relationships, experience and guidance of Linda Owen in the Dallas community had enabled Highland Capital Managment to make an even more significant impact in Dallas, Texas. Linda has been instrumental in the establishment of new partnerships with Highland Capital Investment.

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