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The Hottest Online Pastime Gaming Platforms to Try Out

Gaming online, especially with the pandemic around is a mean to keeps us occupied and connected with our hobbies – in spite of the inability to engage with them physically.

This is where our humble list of online pastimes comes in, since not every online equivalent of your hobby or preferred sport is not what it seems to be. After all, we’ve got tons of choices when it comes to online gaming.

Football: EA Sports FIFA 20

This one is the official FIFA game for the PC and the rest of the gaming platforms available on our disposal. FIFA 20 is the latest online multiplayer capable iteration of the beloved game, featuring 12 game modes. That includes the FIFA Street inspired VOLTA Football mode that actually focuses more on the small-sided street and futsal games.

FIFA 20 is hard to miss. It is available on all major gaming platforms – even on the Nintendo Switch.

Basketball: NBA 2K20

If playing basketball is your preferred pastime, then the NBA 2K20 is one, if not the best basketball platformer this year. The NBA 2K20 highlights 2K Sport’s dedication to improve game mechanics and further make the gamers immersed with realistically depicted gameplay. Graphically, the game looks great too which is something that the NBA 2K series are good at ever since.

Finally, the game is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Google Stadia.

Casino: Better check out Casino Billion Reviews

Now if Casino games are your kind of thing, chances are, you’ll get overwhelmed with the available options out there. This is where Casino Malaysian site like Casino Billions comes into play – allowing you to get a better picture of what are the hottest sites to check out within the casino industry.

Casino Billions also offers bonuses. That includes welcome bonuses, promotions, loyalty rewards and even VIP treatment. The site also reviews mobiles apps on top of the variety of games they review.

Fishing: Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves isn’t exactly a game that is 100% into fishing yet it features an engaging fishing mechanic which is both fun and relaxing. Thanks to its graphics, the game’s atmosphere and general mood is just absolutely perfect for the budding fisherman who just wants to relax indoors. For the more competitive fisher, there are rare variants to look out for the many types of fish you could hook.

Fishing aside, Sea of Thieves as a whole is a game that rewards exploration and cooperation. You may even play with your buddies or accept a coop campaign with a random stranger. The game is sadly only available on the PC and Xbox One.

Farming: Farming Simulator 19

Nothing beats the Farming Simulator 19 when it comes to modern farming games. It is basically the benchmark for the genre, featuring tons of gameplay elements like livestock breeding, crop growing and a market place on top of farming alone.

The game also takes American and European environments into account, plus with over 300 authentic farming vehicles and machines to help you harvest your crops. With an online mode, farmers are encouraged to grow farms online with other players. Best of all, you may even download community created mods for all available platforms.

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