AI is one of the newest technological advancements that has a lot of implementations in various different branches. From augmented reality to web development, you can find it at least once in your day-to-day life. AI is expected to dominate in the technological industry in the upcoming decades, especially as people get more creative with it. Still, just like every other piece of technology, it has its ups and downs.


AI performs exceptionally well in virtually all aspects. It’s able to work with a lot of data efficiently no matter how large it is, and it’s able to do so without making any errors in the process. Also, it’s incredibly scalable so that it can be suitable for both very small businesses and extremely large enterprises.


Even though it shows a promising future, AI is far from fully explored and polished. Many people still don’t understand how it works exactly, and they aren’t willing to stray from the already proven practices. However, this is almost certainly going to change as its being further inspected.

The following five examples show some of the practical implementations of AI, specifically in the area of web development.

  1. Fast Searches

According to the latest research from Google, the ideal webpage loading speed is under two seconds. Now imagine if you spent all the time optimizing your website, only to leave a mediocre search engine that takes minutes to return results. You’d lose out on most of the traffic without ever realizing why. AI’s capability of storing and working with large batches of data makes it perfect for this implementation. Many leading tech companies use this exact approach to maximize their search functionalities, especially if they’re dealing with a lot of customers. Advanced implementations can get expensive, so do your best to keep it simple.

  1. Customer Interaction

There’s a reason why many successful corporations invest a lot of money into their customer support branch. A key to a loyal, happy consumer is enough care and attention. They need to feel like they’re being treated as an individual instead of a chance for profit. Relevant customer interaction can be accomplished by many different means using AI: chatbots, hyper-personalization, real-time decisioning, etc. It all boils down to finding out how users interact with the website, what they feel is lacking, and how it can be improved.

  1. Digital Marketing

To attract visitors, companies need to have a strong marketing strategy. This requires monitoring trends, finding correlations, and utilizing people’s interests at the same time. This is a lot of hard work were you to do it manually. However, AI is able to gather behavioral information all by itself, analyze it, and categorize it to accurately predict the future tendencies of customers. This way, you can focus all the workforce into actually applying those marketing strategies instead of forming them from the ground up.

  1. Website Interactions

User interaction consists of a lot more than just buttons and forms on the website. Images are also a part of it, as well as color combinations, overall website layout, and other content. How can AI be helpful here? For example, machine learning algorithms are one of the best mechanisms for effective and precise image recognition technology. It’s able to correctly differentiate between patterns and connect matching ones, which will give each web page its own specific look that’s related to the information on it.

  1. Personalized Experience

Once you gained recurring customers by following step 3, it’s time to implement AI to keep them satisfied. This is achieved through personalized experience – by keeping track of what they like, order, and search for, you can provide accurate recommendations. This is most noticeable in large shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay. They’re able to show suggested items that mostly suit that particular user’s preferences. You can also apply this technique to other aspects, such as email marketing.

How Spokeo Can Keep You?

Eventually, every company is going to have access to AI. Technologies will change, people will change, but you’ll always have to be one step ahead of your competitors if you want to maximize your profit. This is particularly important in a fast-moving area such as AI.

How do you analyze the competition? First of all, you need to uncover their phone number. Most of the companies that mean business leave some form of contact info on the website, usually a phone number or email address. Spokeo can work with both of those – it runs either a reverse phone number lookup or an email search. It gives you the ability to analyze them by showing their personal info (full name, address, criminal records), as well as all connected social media profiles. These profiles are the key to your success since they’ll most likely contain some indicators of what you can expect in the future. Once you have that, all that’s left is to make a counter-plan to keep your (and attract even more) customers.

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers traveling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.

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