Whether it is a short or long trip, disconnecting and getting out of the routine is something that everyone loves. It is true that the coronavirus has hit this sector quite hard; however, the desire to travel has never left. People want to keep traveling.

Of course, with more precautions and care than before, since none want another virus and get sick because of it. Thus, travel habits are changing and, according to some travelers, they would opt for other alternatives. This is where immersive technologies come in.

The origins of immersive technologies

In 1965, American scientist Ivan Sutherland realized the potential of digital systems and how they were changing society. This is how he started working on projects to create new forms of interaction and see where society was heading by using them. This was the genesis of immersive technologies.

Since earlier times humans have been exploiting the technology to the full, but the results were quite limited, such as the Aspen Movie Map, a system created by MIT to tour the city of Aspen through real recordings in 1978. Or the Famicom 3D system, an accessory for Nintendo released in 1987. None of them succeed. As a result, immersive technologies failed. It was necessary another type of technology. Thus, in 2011, the smartphone came out and, with it, they came back.

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Users often play video games with a virtual reality headset. 

How immersive technologies are transforming experiences within tourism

Immersive technologies are commonly related to video games. However, the sector of tourism played an equally important role. And this is an incredible advantage, as users will be able to live a very different experience from what they are used to.

Technology is changing the travel industry. While there are those who still prefer traditional travel, everything seems to indicate that this is the future. But, don’t worry, as to tastes and colors, much has yet to be said. However, there can be no denying all the benefits that immersive technologies bring. Are you the typical tourist who gets distracted when traveling and doesn’t appreciate everything the place has to offer? With immersive technologies, all your senses will be focused. This way, you won’t miss a thing.

That is not all. This new technology makes time travel possible, too! For example, archaeological pieces that are missing because of war or natural disasters can be digitally restored so that visitors can see them as they were originally!

The tourism sector’s main objective is to improve the customer experience, and this can be achieved through the use of immersive technologies. But, wait! If you are thinking that it will be almost impossible to access this type of experience, either because of the cost or the level of technological knowledge you must have, this is not the case. While you will need to use some additional devices to get the most out of the experience, they are quite affordable. In the market, you can find products for all budgets!

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The VR helmets allow the user to enter an immersive experience in a virtual 3-D environment, giving impact and realism to the user.

Guess what? Teleportation is possible!

Today, more than ever, there is no doubt that technology and tourism are the perfect match. Thanks to this joint force, it is now possible to teleport! Yes, what once seemed impossible is now a reality. Without leaving home, from your bed or sofa, you can travel to the most remote places on the planet, if you wish. Or why not? To the supermarket, to the cinema or even to the casino, like the best live dealer casinos offered by ArabianBetting. Discover how to play live dealer games from your computer or mobile device with the added benefit if it being secure. Sign up today to claim a welcome bonus and just have fun!

Immersive technologies provide more benefits than you think. Travel to places like the Great Wall of China or other destinations from the comfort of your home! Although it may seem hard to believe, it is a reality and companies are innovating more and more using these advanced technologies.

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