Many years ago, we would have never imagined that our favorite board games can become digitized and available online. Having the most iconic board games turned into a digitally played game is very exciting, especially for the younger generation that has never played these games physically before. Technology has always been a major part of the gaming world, innovating and transforming the games into the amazing spectacles we know today.

So, let’s dive deeper and check which board games have been upgraded into something much more modern.

LED Game of Life

Thanks to technology, board games can be displayed on a big LED screen. This works currently for the Game of Life only, but the creators are developing it for other games like chess, checkers, monopoly, and a lot more. They call it the interactive game of life and it’s basically a nice big LED screen on a table that can allow you to play easily via the touch-screen mechanism. It’s a very interesting way to play and it’s quite different from what we’re used to.


The great thing with Scrabble is that you can now play it on the smartphone or computer as well. This way, you can play with your friends or family members online. It’s very convenient because even though some of your loved ones might not be within close proximity, the fun can still carry on virtually. Sometimes the players might get stuck and can’t form any more words, with the added value of playing online now, you can view this site to use the word unscrambler tool to form more words that you might not have thought about otherwise. It’s a helpful tool that can generate words with the letters you have, allowing you to form the highest-scoring words possible.

High-Tech Chess

The entertainment and gaming center for a high-tech Chess game is a thing of beauty. It was initially created and designed for the elderly to help them play chess wherever they are. The system has wireless controllers and a flat surface for the screen, so you can see the images and pieces easily. It’s a great method of projecting the game without carrying any boards or sets. The idea is very admirable because most of the elderly like to play a nice game at the park, but now they don’t have to physically carry anything if it’s too hard for them.

Virtual Reality

Another amazing way to experience board games is through virtual reality. Some platforms allow you to play board games with others in the gaming world. It’s great for people who don’t live close by or if you want to experience something new. You could play Dominos, chess, or even Dungeons and Dragons. Some game developers make it so engaging that you feel as if you are part of the actual board game. It’s extremely engaging and interesting to see how technology can bring board games to the world of virtual reality.

How Technology Innovated Favorite Board Games GP 1

Tech Tower Monopoly

This tech tower mechanism for Monopoly is great because it minimizes any foul play or unfairness in the game. This will change how every player engages in playing, preventing any sneaky tactics from happening. The system monitors the game to make sure that everyone follows the rules and it implements a balance in every round. This makes it extremely fair and minimizes any disputes or mistakes when playing Monopoly with your friends or family.

Smartphone Pirate Board Game

One of the famous board games for kids was the old Pirate game. Another version of it was called Pirate Cove, but it follows the same structure. The game can continue to be fun for kids in the modern era because you can use your smartphone to make the game interactive and fun. Instead of using pieces on the board, you’d use your phone app to scan the board and then generate the pieces to play. Every action is animated and displayed clearly on the screen. You will need more than one phone for this to work, but it’s an interesting way to play a classic board game. It will take your kids on an interactive adventure as pirates!

It’s amazing how technology continues to evolve and revamp a lot of the classic board games. Thanks to this, gamers can now enjoy their favorite board games in a special and new way. And the best part about it is that you can enjoy these innovations with your friends and family whenever you like. Even if they’re many miles away, you can still spend countless hours having fun and playing together.


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