It was only just under three decades ago that we were introduced to the world wide web, since then the advancement in technology has grown exponentially leading us to where we are today with smartphones, 4K TV’s and the ability to gamble online whether it’s through slots or with a live dealer right from the comfort of our own home.

Today we are going to look at the advancement in this technology and see just how it has helped online gaming over the years, including its influence on the newest sport around; yes that is E-Sports. It has quickly become a billion dollar industry with many players spending hours on end practising their favourite games to try to make it to the professional stage and make a career playing in tournaments and streaming their gameplay to fans.

The Evolution

Multiplayer gaming has come a long way due to technology with you now being able to play with someone on the other side of the world. However, it wasn’t always this way. The first multiplayer game was all in the way back in 1973, and the game was called ‘Empire’ and could accommodate up to eight players at one time.

However, if we look at an in trend game at the moment, Fortnite, you can play with 99 other players in one instance from all around the world. The significant advancement in between these two moments in history is when LAN or Local Area Networks were released.  This allowed players to assemble at a friend’s house for example, and they could create a small internal network so that they could play against one another on the same game.

This was the predecessor to the internet and was the only way that you could play with your friends on the same game. However, when the internet came along this meant you weren’t restricted to having to be physically in the same room as your friends to play the same game as them.

With the introduction of smartphones as well many of us can now access millions of different games that can be played on our phones. The first Smartphone hit the market in 2007, and this was, of course, the iPhone. The mobile gaming market has grown hugely and has taken over console-based gaming.

This is mainly due to the convenience of being able to play a game on your Smartphone wherever you might be in the world and also the lack of skill sometimes required as opposed to playing a game on a computer or a console. There is also the competitive nature where you can play against friends on your phone on popular games such as Clash of Clans, after all, us as humans are competitive beings and so we are attracted to this.

A Final Few Words

With the rise in gaming, as we mentioned, this brought E-Sports along with it. This also means you can bet on your favourite E-sports teams. You can find a list of sites here that you will be able to place bets on many E-Sports games.

After all, if you have a wealth of knowledge about a particular game or how a certain team plays against another team, just like in regular sports, you can cash in on this to reap your rewards and win some financial benefit.

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