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How to Avoid Falling into an Online Casino Scam

There are thousands of online casinos vying for attention these days. There is a lucrative sign up offer every way you look. The accessibility of online casinos on mobile has sped up the growth of online casinos as gaming operators respond to the demand.

Unfortunately, there are shady characters in the industry. Online casino scams have swindled a good number of people off their cash. But they have become easier to identify, thanks to an active online gambling community and social proof. How can you avoid falling victim to an online casino scam?

Too Generous Sign-Up Bonuses

Have you spotted a 1500% welcome bonus you think is too good to be true? It most likely is a scam. Unscrupulous gaming operators lure in clients with offers that come with hidden terms and conditions. These T&Cs have very high wagering requirements. For example, a 1500% bonus can have a 50x wagering requirement. It means you have to wager 100x the bonus amount. You have very little chances of winning against such odds. This is a hidden scam where the casino is not swindling clients outright but playing unfavorably.

A trustworthy brand will offer reasonable bonuses; at most 100% bonus and 50 free spins. A good example of reasonable bonuses is Rizk casino free spins and  £50 welcome bonus. Always take time to understand casino promotions and bonuses.

You Can’t Find Game RTPs

Nowadays, unscrupulous gaming operators rarely use outright money-grab schemes because they know they will be called out in a few days. They run a longer con game in which they rig the games to give the house an unfair advantage. Their games have low Return to Player (RTP) percentages. RTP is the amount of cash a game gives back to players in the form of winnings. For example, a 90% RTP means clients will take back about 90% of money wagered, as wins.

Always identify the game RTP before playing. In online casinos, find the RTP in the game’s description. If it is too hard to find, the casino doesn’t want you to see it. Avoid such a game and leave that casino.

Bad or No Reviews

It is understandable for a very new brand to have very few reviews, but there is a red flag if they say their license is several years old but have very few reviews. There are enthusiastic gambling industry reviewers whose biggest focus is new casinos, and what they are doing differently. Any casino comes up on their radars quickly.

Trustworthy brands take the time to invite reviewers to assess their sites. They know good reviews done transparently attract customers quickly. Always Google an online casino brand to check out any reviews

If an online casino is attracting too many bad reviews, avoid it. You can always find another casino offering almost similar gaming experience.

Poor or No Customer Service

Are your enquiries getting very slow or no response? No casino can afford to ignore customers in an environment of stiff competition. Slow or no communication is a red flag. It means the casino is under-manned, or just a shell setup to lure in customers.

Look at the flow of communication. It should be prompt, relevant and in a language you can understand.

Dodgy Licensing

There are proven and known gambling licensing countries, which have strict laws to supervise online casinos. Unscrupulous gaming operators avoid such jurisdictions but favor licenses where laws are lax so they can avoid legal issues. Trusted gambling licenses are issued by countries such as the UK, Canada, Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and Antigua.

There are many trusted online casino brands where you can play. Take the time to do your due diligence before committing your hard-earned money to scams.

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