Instagram is a great app with a huge number of advantages. This fact makes the app so popular among people of all ages and occupations. According to Statista, Instagram audiences are in their 20th and 30th, which makes the app popular among sellers and marketers. People enjoy the opportunity to share their life and experiences and learn the way other people live this life as well. Instagram is famous for its creative freedom. Long ago, it was the only app on the whole internet where you could both edit and share photos.

Obviously, it is the reason for its popularity. In 2022 Instagram has even become one of the greatest tools for promoting businesses, according to Forbes. There is one feature Instagram users keep asking for. However, the app doesn’t provide users with the opportunity to save posts and stories. Inflact has created an advanced solution to resolve this issue. Try the service of Instagram image download and don’t worry about spending time on editing screenshots anymore.

Nowadays, Instagram allows you to save photos. However, you can only do that on the app after pressing the “save” button. This tool can hardly be called convenient. There is a lot of content on Instagram, so you always have to save a lot of pictures. There is a risk of getting lost. And there you start questioning how to download pictures from Instagram.

How to get pictures from Instagram

Of course, you can just take a screenshot and edit it afterwards. It is pretty easy, but it takes a lot of time and effort. The bad news is that editing pictures will also make them lose their quality.

Download Pictures Instagram Screenshot GP 2

Instagram photo downloader is much safer and time-saving. It takes no more than a minute to save a photo on your phone. All you need to do is copy the link of the post or the story you are planning to download and paste it into the box on the Instagram photo saver website. Then, you should just press the “download” button. And viola! A photo has been successfully saved into your gallery.

Advantages of Instagram photo downloader

Instagram photo downloader has a big number of advantages that differ it from other services:

  • Respect for the law

The service is absolutely legal. Don’t worry, you’re not doing anything forbidden. Your actions are absolutely lawful while you’re using the Inflact photo saver.

  • Absolute anonymity

If you are wondering if anyone will find out about your actions, don’t worry about that. No one will find out and we won’t tell anyone. Nobody will get notified. However, we hope that your intentions are good. Don’t post or promote photos or videos which haven’t been originally made by you. Inflact is not responsible for your actions in this case. We just want to warn you that you can get in trouble. Use the content you have downloaded only for your personal needs and professional goals.

  • Free of charge

Another advantage of this tool is the fact that it is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay to download a picture or a video. However, Inflact has also developed a premium package for paid users. The package will allow you to download photos directly from the app. If a photo download with a casual package takes no more than a minute, the premium package will give you the opportunity to save a photo in a second. The Premium package is a perfect balance between user-friendliness and efficiency.

  • Versatility

Taking screenshots with your computer is really exhausting. Editing them is even more exhausting. With your phone, you can access photo editors fast and easily. However, it takes time when you intend to do the same thing with the help of your computer. This issue is also resolved by the developers of Inflact. It doesn’t matter what device you prefer to use, the service will adapt to your needs. You can download photos on your Iphone, Android, Windows, etc.

Instagram image downloader is a great tool for those who value their time-management. As far as you can see, using it is convenient and efficient. It makes the professional life of its users much easier and simpler.

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